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Published: Thursday, February 04, 2016



What is an irregular cycle?

A "regular" cycle occurs every 24-29 days, but some women have cycles that are 23-35 days, which is normal for them. In other words, you can have a "normal" unlike that of your family member or friend. If your normal pattern suddenly changes, i.e. especially heavy bleeding, two periods in one month, spotting between periods, then you  consider that an "irregular" cycle.  Using progesterone usually returns cycles to your normal pattern, if used consistently.


If you have just had a cycle:

Count the first day of your bleeding as day 1. Use ¼ teaspoon twice daily of the progesterone cream from day 12-26 of your cycle. Then stop.

If your period does not come within a week after you stop taking the progesterone, consider the last day you took the progesterone as day one of a new cycle.  Then begin on day 12 again.



If you have not had a cycle for 2 months:

Use ¼ teaspoon of progesterone crème twice daily for 21 days. Discontinue use for 7 days. Then repeat crème again for another 21 days. If your period arrives, stop using the crème when the bleeding begins and consider that to be the start of your 7-day break. Then start again with ¼ tsp twice daily for 21 days.  

As you restore hormonal balance, you may begin menstruating regularly. At that point, begin to use the timetable for regularly menstruating women (¼ tsp twice daily Day 12-26).

However, if you are approaching perimenopause, your cycles may become less and less frequent. This is normal. Simply begin using the crème for 25 days of the month, with a 5-day break; if your cycle comes at any point during the month, consider those days as your 'break' from the crème and continue use once the bleeding stops.
At this stage of life, the more progesterone, the better, to help you maintain your hormone balance.

Cycles are usually long or short? This is your "normal"?

Look at a calendar and determine when the first day of your next period is due, based on your normal cycle. Count backwards 14 days and start your progesterone crème on that day. This works because there are always 14 days between ovulation and Day 1 of the menstrual cycle.  This ensures that you will use progesterone at the optimum time for you.

The good news is that natural progesterone often restores menstrual cycles to a

"regular pattern".

QUESTIONS?  Email me or call me.  I have been studying hormones for over 30 years and I love to pass on my knowledge.  So, don't be shy!

Love, Barbara



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Published: Wednesday, January 27, 2016



Really? Yes, ladies... in Europe women have access to estrogen and progesterone in their skin care products. Here... not happening.

BUT, you can simply put your hormone crème directly on your face! Hormones help the production of collagen which gives the skin its elasticity. They also help with age spots and hydration! During perimeno and meno, skin aging accelerates.


Some of you tell me that looking into a mirror after menopause can be depressing because The slow, gradual aging of your 30s and early 40s suddenly accelerates with horrifying speed.

As your hormones decline, wrinkles seem to get deeper every day and skin takes on a crepey appearance, no matter how much moisturizer is slathered on. Plump, firm skin becomes a thing of the past and everything starts heading south.

But... drum roll... not for us! Scientists have discovered that hormones can help aging skin.They've found that skin deteriorates more rapidly during and after 'the change' than before because of the lack of estrogen and progesterone being made by the body.

Most importantly, it helps promote the production of collagen & thickens the epidermis so deep wrinkles and large pores, signs of aging, are thwarted. Between 61-100% improvement according to the International Journal of Dermatology.

One study of women taking estrogen & progesterone replacements found they developed fewer wrinkles and had better skin texture and elasticity than those who didn't. Another trial found that after just two weeks, women who used hormone crème on their face reported plumper skin. Wow!  Just 2 weeks.  And collagen can increase by 48% according to the British Med Journal.


Why doesn't the US tell us these things?

I have my opinion about that... the pharmaceutical industry would rather see us on hormone pills than over the counter cremes.

In Europe, hormonal skin care is the next big thing. There convincing data that hormones in the form of creams can help with wrinkling Putting hormones into skin cream isn't new - Helena Rubinstein did it, Max Factor did It and Revlon did in the 50's. But then the authorities cracked down on the use of hormones in skin crème because synthetics were used.

However, now the cremes are bio-identical, not synthetic. And phytoestrogens like those derived from Red Clover are used and they can replicate the effect of estrogen on skin cells. The skin has receptors for estrogen and molecules of phytoestrogen that  are so similar to estrogen that aging skin is tricked into thinking it's getting the genuine stuff and blocks enzymes that cause collagen depletion.

Studies also show phytoestrogens can reduce wrinkles and increase hydration.

Progesterone and/or estrogen was found to found to reduce wrinkles by 15.6 per cent after 28 days and was effective in 96 per cent of testers. Within weeks your skin can be smoother, brighter and plumper.

Look at me... I've been putting progesterone crème on my face for many years.  You can start NOW!


Dark spots?

Hormone creme seems to inhibit melanin production and can improve facial pigmentation. Some researchers have shown it can even reduce facial hair.'

Worried about breast cancer?

The research is reassuring. Many women use topical estrogen gels to treat vaginal dryness, and studies have found no link with breast cancer, even with previous diagnoses.

Most doctors I know say these new skin creams don't pose a risk. It seems unlikely sufficient hormones could be absorbed through topical application to the face to affect breast cells.

Have some estrogen? Go ahead and apply it to your face.  No estrogen? use your progesterone.

Let's keep our skin looking GREAT! Hormones are key.


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Published: Tuesday, January 12, 2016



Oh my gosh... I get SO many calls on Insomnia. Are you one of those people who simply cannot get a good night's sleep? Are you waking up at 2 or 3 in the morning & lying there tossing and turning? Are you desperate for just one long peaceful sleep?



Okay, enough is enough.  You don't need sleeping pills. I have an answer for you that is ALL NATURAL!   If you do not get your proper sleep, your hormones will suffer!  A disturbance in your circadian rhythm can result in hormone deficiencies and imbalances.  I am a big fan of melatonin to help cure insomnia. 


What is Circadian Rhythm?

Often referred to as the "body clock", the circadian rhythm is a 24-hour cycle that tells our bodies when to sleep.  Melatonin keeps it normal! Melatonin is manufactured at night and we are supposed to get drowsy, fall asleep and sleep for 8 hours.  Then, as the sun comes up, melatonin recedes and we wake.  But we have thrown ourselves "out of whack" over the years.  Our melatonin is not being made appropriately.  You are NOT deficient in Ambien, Lunesta or other sleeping drugs, but melatonin. 


How can you tell if you are deficient in melatonin?

  •     You experience superficial or anxious sleep.
  •     You wake easily during the night, It is difficult for you to fall asleep, fall back asleep, or both, Poor dreaming, Restless legs at night. 
  •     ALSO, listen to these: Fatigue, Eyes look tired, bags under eyes, Anxiety, lack of inner peace, especially at night, Excessive irritability, Early graying of hair & Flabby muscles.

Sound like you?  

I know I had quite a few of these symptoms and once I started taking melatonin, they disappeared.  Also, my dear husband, a chronic insomniac is now sleeping like the proverbial baby.  Before he started using melatonin, the poor man did not sleep through the night for about 2 years straight.  Now he is so rested!  Another great benefit melatonin can help with is weight control by lowering cortisol levels. High cortisol leads to weight gain even if you are eating normally. 


I really like sublingual melatonoin that you take about 30-45 minutes before bedtime.

Begin with a dose of about 3 mg.  You can take additional melatonin if you repeatedly wake up during the night, but give it a try for a week or so before moving to a higher dose.  Give it time! It is not a sleeping pill... it is a hormone. It will reset your circadian rhythm back to normal.  It can take from 1 week to 6 weeks to accomplish this. A sleeping pill will NOT restore normal sleep cycles. That's why when you discontinue them, insomnia returns.



Melatonin has been shown to increase your total sleep time, help you fall asleep more quickly, enhance overall sleep quality  improve morning alertness, and reduce daytime fatigue... because your circadian rhythm is back to normal!


I LOVE melatonin.  Expect some vivid dreams... this is a good thing -

a sign you are in deep sleep.


I have 3 melatonin products that I love!!!


Melatonin Sublingual's - 3mg tablets quickly dissolves under tongue and utilized by the body.

Restful Night Melatonin - Transdermal crème, absorbs extremely well through the skin.

Somno Pro - Chewable tablets are covenient and fast acting, (tropical fruit flavored).


The products can be found in the website underneath the category "SLEEP/ INSOMNIA" HERE's the direct link...


Ok... off you go. 

Get the Sweet Sleep that you were promised in the Bible

"When you lie down, you shall not be afraid and thy sleep shall be sweet."

                                                                                      Proverbs 3:24



Barbara Hoffman 

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Published: Wednesday, January 06, 2016


Who Needs it?  Well, I just completed my first month and I lost 3 pounds WITHOUT changing my eating habits.  Are you packing on the pounds... right around the middle, like I was? 

You are not alone! A recent study said that an estimated 70% of women 50 and older report that they are trying to lose weight.  That's a LOT of us! And the "estrogen weight" can be almost nuclear!


Also, are you feeling "blue" or depressed?  Insomnia? Hair Loss?  Thyroid imbalance? Headaches? Fibroids? Breast tenderness or other breast issues?  PMS? Loss of libido?  Increased body fat all over? Bloating? Irritable, Moody? 

For the Men: Hair loss, Prostate problems, male breast growth, low libido, weight gain around the middle.

These are all signs of estrogen dominance.


What can you do?

You want to OPTIMIZE estrogen metabolism and DETOX excess estrogen. Do not let estrogen dominance go on year after year & jeopardize your health, especially the health of your breast tissue.

There is a remarkable supplement that can do the trick for you in just 3 months. 


First, a quick lesson: 

There are 2 estrogen "pathways" thru which estrogen is metabolized.


The 2-hydroxy pathway results in beneficial, or "good," estrogen metabolites.

The bad estrogen metabolism pathway is the 16-hydroxy pathway. Estrogen broken down in this pathway results in metabolites responsible for many of estrogen's undesirable actions, including weight gain.


What is the supplement?

It is called DIM (diindolylmethane, pronounced: dye-in-dollmethane). DIM shifts estrogen metabolism to the 2-hydroxy pathway, resulting in healthier estrogen metabolites and restored hormonal balance. DIM acts like a "traffic cop," guiding used estrogen down the 2-hydroxy pathway and promoting healthy estrogen metabolism in men and women.  DIM increases the body's natural ability to burn fat!  DIM is a phytochemical naturally found in small amounts in cruciferous vegetables such as cabbage, cauliflower, and broccoli, but you'd have to eat a couple of heads of broccoli to get the same dose as an easy-to-swallow nutritional supplement.

How does it work?

DIM promotes the effective metabolism of estrogen by helping the body turn estradiol into helpful metabolites.  These helpful metabolites can aid the body in releasing stored fat, resisting the formation of tumors, positively affect bone health.  My favorite benefit is that DIM promotes weight loss by encouraging healthy levels of the hormones that activate enzymes to stimulate lipolysis-the release of stored fat.  No more "Estrogen Belly" 

The causes of poor estrogen metabolism/estrogen:

Stress, Poor liver function, environmental estrogens, the aging processes of perimenopause, menopause, and andropause,  Poor dietary choices, High alcohol intake


When you take DIM, the excess estrogen passes thru the stool and out of the body.  Gone!

Another thing I love about DIM... It acts to stimulate serotonin production which contributes to our emotional well-being, enhances mood and suppresses appetite by stimulating serotonin production.  


What DIM do I like? My favorite is called IndoleGard.




This is a one-month supply and 3 months of use can bring you back to balance.

Email me for a special price...


Also, you know by now, if you are one of my viewers that Progesterone pushes Estrogen to a good mode of storage, not the bad metabolites. So don't forget your progesterone crème!


 Please join me on the quest for healthy estrogen balance.  I know you will be pleased!



Barbara Hoffman


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Published: Tuesday, December 22, 2015


"Dear Barbara,

I've been trying to lose weight for the last few months, but I've run into a problem... I'm always hungry, even right after I eat. What should I be doing to stay satisfied? Well, I love food and I have to find ways to enjoy eating without gaining weight and without feeling hungry all the time.  It's possible and NOT difficult. Why is this happening?  the main culprits are: You are:  Dehydrated, have not slept well, eat too many carbs & not enough protein & fat, are stressed, skip breakfast, eat too fast or are taking anti-depressants which are notorious for increasing appetite."

My Rules

 1. Always Eat Breakfast. You are Breaking a Fast and getting your metabolism going again. Do you tend to avoid breakfast due to lack of time in the morning? Have premade options on hand. Even leftovers from the night before. Not hungry first thing in the morning?  Eat anyway.  Get that furnace burning! This is your Number One Rule!

2. Protein + Fiber. If you're hungry shortly after a meal, chances are you're not getting enough of the right nutrients. Both protein and fiber are very filling, and they're so satisfying when paired together. Build your meal around lean protein: egg whites, fat-free Greek yogurt, skinless chicken breast, pouched albacore tuna, etc. Then fill it out with high-fiber foods like veggies and whole grains. A dose of healthy fats is also great for satiety: almonds, avocado, olive oil, etc.


3. Supersize: I like to supersize my portions with high-volume, low-calorie foods. I've been known to eat an entire head of lettuce in my salad. Here are some tips to get larger servings with hardly any extra calories.



Why Cauliflower? A cup of chopped cauliflower has about 30 calories, 2g fiber, and 2g protein. And its expanding ability is the stuff of LEGEND.


What Can It Expand? Cauliflower is a go-to super-sizer when it comes to starchy dishes -- anything with potatoes, pasta, or rice. It blends in seamlessly...


Portabellas and More Mushrooms!

Why Mushrooms? One large portabella mushroom or a cup of chopped mushrooms has Roughly 20 calories, a gram of fiber, and nearly 2g protein. Fungus power! 




Why Zucchini? A medium zucchini has around 30 calories, 2g fiber, and 2.5g protein. And you can eat the skin, which is always nice.

What Can It Expand? Pasta! Whether it's thinly peeled like fettuccine or cut into slabs similar to lasagna noodles, zucchini does a masterful job of impersonating pasta.


Broccoli Cole Slaw!

Why Broccoli Cole Slaw? This mix of shredded broccoli stems with other veggies clocks in at 25 calories, 3g fiber, and 2g protein per cup. Plus, it couldn't be more convenient. Pre-shredded, pre-washed...!


94% Fat-Free Microwave Popcorn!


Why Popcorn? You can eat about 5 cups of this popcorn for 100 calories and 1.5g fat, plus 4g fiber. THAT'S WHY.

What Can It Expand? Your snacks! Mix more calorie-dense goodies with popcorn for a large-and-in-charge snack mix.

If you supersize your meals and snacks with foods like these, you'll feel fuller for longer.

4. Pack Emergency Snacks. Sometimes, no matter what we eat at mealtime, we get hungry before our next meal. It happens. But rather than fall prey to those vending machine snacks or pastries in the break room, be prepared with smart snacks. Some great emergency snack picks are Fuji apples, almonds or walnuts, swiss cheese, peanuts, Chobani 100 Greek Yogurt with added Matcha powder. single-serve tuna pouches, and almonds. Keep some in your bag and in your desk drawer.

5. Walk and Water. Okay, these are really two strategies, but they go really well together. Sometimes, we only think we're hungry. One reason? It takes a while for your brain to get the message that your stomach is full; so go for a short walk. It's also common to confuse hunger with thirst; so if you find yourself feeling crazy hungry, swig some water, This seriously kills hunger.  Try it!


One more thing... If you're looking for a weight-loss plan that'll never leave you feeling hungry, check out. The entire philosophy is that it's possible to lose weight without depriving yourself of large and delicious portions of your favorite foods. It's even got some recipes to help you along.

You do NOT have to be "Always Hungry" Even if you are, munch on your great snacks and carry on!  Don't let your appetite be a Bully!  You are in Charge!


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