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March 19, 2019

Siberian rhubarb to the Rescue. Clinical studies, you all know I have to see studies,  have demonstrated that 1 tablet (4 mg) daily offers significantly effective relief for hot flashes & Nite Sweats for which continued for the entire 2 years of the study.  The women a...

January 28, 2019

Do you find yourself routinely eating more then you mean to?
 Struggle with weight gain because you can’t exercise
“portion control?”
 Feel awful about it – but can’t stop yourself from snacking?
Have you ever gotten the feeling that food is addictive?
You are not alon...

January 15, 2019

Age Spots, known as lentigines, are the brown spots on our face, chest, hands & back.

Age spots are also known as sun spots or “liver” spots.” Yuk!

They are due to sun exposure & also age and seem to be inevitable. Age Spots appear when melatonin gets “clumped” or is pro...

November 27, 2018

Is a Calorie Just a Calorie?  I don’t think “Calories in, Calories out” is an accurate assessment.  This dictates that if you take in more calories than you expend, you GAIN weight. If you burn more calories at the end of the day than you consume, you LOSE weight....

November 13, 2018

Hello, friends!

I get so many emails from women who are using a progesterone crème and say “It isn’t working”.  When I ask where they are applying it, it is often a spot that would not give good absorption. The inner thighs and the stomach are the most common.  And I ha...

September 7, 2018

There is a natural combo that can help: 5-HTP and L-Tyrosine


Combining L-Tyrosine with 5-HTP can restore emotional balance. Adding L-Tyrosine to 5-HTP supplementation helps to restore all of the main neurochemicals relating to positive mood. This combination i...

August 24, 2018

Sleep is important.  It is my Secret Weapon.  I get 9 hours per night.  During sleep we reset our hormones and release leptin which helps appetite control.  Low sleep = cravings and weight gain. I have learned from talking to you that millions of you are taking “PM” pa...

August 15, 2018

Q. Could DHEA help me with my peri and menopause symptoms?

DHEA levels spiral downhill  quickly after the age of 40. DHEA is known as the Fountain of Youth Hormone and it has earned its name!  DHEA is really popular among women in perimenopause and menopause and I...

August 13, 2018

Hello, friends.  I have been helping women with their perimenopause and menopausal questions and issues for over 25 years and I can tell you this: No two women are alike and not all women will have the same menopausal experience. Some women have no worries about menopa...

August 13, 2018

Dear Barbara:  “ I do not want to use any hormones. What can I do for vaginal dryness?

Okay, ladies. 

A number of options are available for treating vaginal dryness. You can use an estrogen or a  DHEA suppository. You apply these once daily until symptoms subside and the...

July 12, 2018

Feeling bloated, irritable, not like yourself? No matter what your age 18-70+ hormone imbalance could be to blame. Hormones are chemical “messengers” that impact the way your cells and organs function. When hormones are unbalanced, your entire life can feel unbalanced....

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