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July 10, 2018

I take Anti-depressants.  I have switched several times, but they always seem to make me gain weight.    WHY?

Well, this is not a coincidence. A huge study tracked nearly 300,000 people for 10 years Those taking antidepressants were more likely to pack on...

July 10, 2018

NINE signs of Menopause  that you might not know & which might make you panic.   Ladies, they are normal.

Menopause, which hits women between 45 and 55  is a natural part of the ageing process in women, and is usually indicated by hot flashes and night sweats....

July 9, 2018


 It turns out that you are REALLY Smart!

Are you a lover of that “cup o’ joe”? Good for you!

Health professionals have been arguing for decades about how much coffee you should drink. Some say none. Others say coffee is healthful. Who is correct? Ne...

July 2, 2018

Did you know that one of the leading  recommendations for menopausal women and among the first lines of defense is

Red Clover?

Red Clover is a phyto-estrogen that gently raises estrogen levels and is wonderful for those of you who do not wish to use bio-identical estrog...

March 16, 2018

Here are the symptoms of estrogen dominance.Take a look:

  • Weight gain

  • Mood swings

  • Insomnia, restless sleep

  • Headache, including migraines

  • Fatigue

  • Heavy periods

  • Memory loss

  • Fibrocystic breast disease

  • Irritability uterine fibro...

March 10, 2018

I have irregular cycles, how do I use progesterone creme?

What is an irregular cycle?

A “regular” cycle occurs every 24-29 days, but some women have cycles that are 23-35 days, which is normal for them. In other words, you can have a “normal” unlike that of your family m...

April 10, 2017

Natural Help For Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is a condition which affects muscles and soft tissue. Symptoms are chronic muscle pain, fatigue, sleep problems and painful tender points (trigger points) at certain parts of the body. It is believed to affect up to six million...

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