July 2, 2020

Barbara: “Chances are, if you are between ages 35-45, your progesterone is now low.”

See the chart below:

Signs of low Progesterone if you are “Under” 45 years of age

  • Irregular periods / Frequent Periods

  • Spotting before periods (progesterone level dropping premat...

June 25, 2020

At the proper dose, progesterone will ENERGIZE you! Progesterone is thermogenic; tells the body to burn fat for energy.  How great is that?  Progesterone also boosts thyroid function which affects metabolism positively. Progesterone cream definitely helps energy....

June 18, 2020

Did you ever wonder why so many women ended up on Synthetic Hormones?  Our great grandmothers did not have them available. Where did they come from?  Read on...

1942 – Premarin (a synthetic estrogen) is patented and sold as a treatment for menopause....

June 15, 2020

I’ve been told I have a Thickened Uterine Lining. What is it?

This is called Endometrial Hyperplasia which means the lining of the uterus has become abnormally thick. It most often is caused by excess estrogen without enough progesterone to balance it.

It usually present...

January 8, 2018

How can I start using natural hormones if I have not had my levels tested?

The issue of measuring hormone levels is controversial. Why? Because a woman’s hormones fluctuate so much during the period of menopause and peri-menopause, that the results are often useless.


July 2, 2017

Conventional doctors treating hormone imbalances tend to be most comfortable using progesterone in pill form. The most common one is called Prometrium. This is because they believe they are delivering a standardized dose and because doctors are very accustomed to presc...

November 17, 2015

Here are signs that you are low in estrogen:

  • Hot flashes

  • Night sweats

  • Vaginal dryness

  • Bladder/ Urinary tract problems may occur or be worsened 

Now, you can use Progesterone crème for 3 months because the progesterone can sensitize your estrogen rec...

June 17, 2015

Two recent studies of progesterone supplementation show that it can promote multiple health benefits, including balancing blood sugar levels, normal sleep, stimulating bone growth, and reducing anxiety.

For men and women alike, progesterone has the ability to balance an...

June 16, 2015

Here you go, friends... More Wonderful News about Progesterone, the "Feel Good" Hormone! Progesterone and your brain suggestions

The brain LOVES progesterone and responds very well to supplementation.. In fact, the concentration of progesterone in the brain is 20 times...

February 23, 2015

An interview with Dr. David Zava

A common question is whether it’s OK to use progesterone cream while taking contraceptive pills or patches. Dr. Lee’s response was always, “Probably, but we need more information to be sure.” Here is an interview with Dr. Lee’s friend an...

February 16, 2015

Estrogen Dominance refers to the state where the key hormones estrogen and progesterone are not in balance and estrogen is present in a higher ratio than progesterone. There are over 23 unpleasant symptoms, especially weight gain, hot flashes, insomnia and mood swings.

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