Irregular Cycle

March 10, 2018

I have irregular cycles, how do I use progesterone creme?



What is an irregular cycle?

A “regular” cycle occurs every 24-29 days, but some women have cycles that are 23-35 days, which is normal for them. In other words, you can have a “normal” unlike that of your family member or friend. If your normal pattern suddenly changes, i.e. especially heavy bleeding, two periods in one month, spotting between periods, then you  consider that an “irregular” cycle. Using progesterone usually returns cycles to your normal pattern, if used consistently.



If you have just had a cycle:

Count the first day of your bleeding as day 1. Use ¼ teaspoon twice daily of the progesterone cream from day 12-26 of your cycle. Then stop.

If your period does not come within a week after you stop taking the progesterone, consider the last day you took the progesterone as day one of a new cycle.  Then begin on day 12 again.


If you have not had a cycle for 2 months:

Use ¼ teaspoon of progesterone crème twice daily for 21 days. Discontinue use for 7 days. Then repeat crème again for another 21 days. If your period arrives, stop using the crème when the bleeding begins and consider that to be the start of your 7–day break. Then start again with ¼ tsp twice daily for 21 days.  


As you restore hormonal balance, you may begin menstruating regularly. At that point, begin to use the timetable for regularly menstruating women (¼ tsp twice daily Day 12-26).


However, if you are approaching perimenopause, your cycles may become less and less frequent. This is normal. Simply begin using the crème for 25 days of the month, with a 5-day break; if your cycle comes at any point during the month, consider those days as your ‘break’ from the crème and continue use once the bleeding stops.
At this stage of life, the more progesterone, the better, to help you maintain your hormone balance.


Cycles are usually long or short? This is your “normal”?

Look at a calendar and determine when the first day of your next period is due, based on your normal cycle. Count backwards 14 days and start your progesterone crème on that day. This works because there are always 14 days between ovulation and Day 1 of the menstrual cycle.  This ensures that you will use progesterone at the optimum time for you.


The good news is that natural progesterone often restores
 menstrual cycles to a "regular pattern".


QUESTIONS? Email me or call me. I have been studying hormones for over 30 years and I love to pass on my knowledge. So, don’t be shy!


Love, Barbara







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