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Rejuvenate Aging Hands… Naturally!

March 27, 2019

Hands feeling dry, old and “tired” looking?  It’s time to step up with some hand love! “Ladies, we pay so much attention to our face & tend to neglect our hands. BUT our hands show age as much as our face, after all…they are the same AGE as our face!”  


Well, let’s take a look at what is going on in the plastic surgery industry. Doctors are now advocating Hand fillers, specifically Radiesse or Restylane) ($650 to $4000 depending on the products) AND it will have to be redone in 6 months) or Laser or IPL (intense pulsed light) series which are also $600-$4000 OR chemical peels which are up to $1000. And they all have to be redone.


What to do Naturally??  Well, most hand cremes are lanolin-based and don’t contain active ingredients so they will not help your hands look younger, just moister. So, I went on a hand crème quest.  


I found a hand crème on line that cost $920.00 for 2 ounces.  I said, “What in the world is in this jar”? The ingredients were a peptide complex, hyaluronic acid Vitamin A (Retinyl) and Vitamin C. I said, “wait just a minute, I recognize these ingredients” and I ran to my bathroom and got my jar of NHS Overnite Success. The SAME ingredients and even more…Vitamin E, Aloe Vera plus Allantoin. The packaging doesn’t look like Chanel or LaMer, but we’re too smart to care about that. We want the ingredients!

OverNite Success




Here is another tip:  Glycolic Acid. It is the best ingredient for rejuvenation

Apply a small amount of Glycolic Acid 10% to hands.  Wait about 2 minutes. Glycolic Acid thickens your stratocorneum and your dermis to return “plumpness” to your hands.  Then follow with your NHS Overnite Success.

Glycolic Acid 10%




So…no more neglecting your hands.  You can do this same protocol on your neck, too.  Why should our face get all the love?


Move over, Miss $920 per jar!  We’re coming after you!


Email Me! If you need more help.




Love You!







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