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Bio-Identical Warning:

Hello, ladies. I have been studying bio-identical hormones for over 30 years. And attended conferences with doctors from all over the world.

We all agree that your body accepts bio-identical hormones as natural and as the word says, “Identical” to what the body normally makes.

Our Bio-Identical Menopause Moisture Crème, ProHELP Moisture Crème, and ProMEN Prostate Creme

Here is my “horror” story:

My little sister refuses to take anything free from me. Okay, fine. She wanted to use her insurance.

She went to a doctor who advertised herself as a “Bio-identical” Doctor.

Guess what? She got a prescription for bio-identical estrogen…bi-est ... which I love and I have a great recommendation for that. BUT…you have to balance estrogen with progesterone and my sister knew that. And the doctor agreed. HOWEVER, my sister was given a prescription for Provera. She came back from the appointment and showed me the prescription. OMG!

WHAT? I am so shocked and disappointed that a doctor….especially a female doctor would prescribe this drug. The WHI study was halted because Progestin was so dangerous that the women in the study were getting breast cancer, having strokes and even dying.

AND she was advertising herself as a “bio-identical” doctor.

Please be careful. Yes, bi-est is great and I love it, but Progestin is on the list of cancer-causing ingredients.

I have a written handout on the warnings of synthetic hormones if you would like it.

If you need more help, please email me. I want you to Balance your hormones, but I want you to be SAFE!

Love You!


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