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DHEA & Belly Fat

Are you looking for help with weight loss? DHEA is an essential tool. Studies have shown that being overweight correlates with low DHEA levels. Yes; when your DHEA is low, your body increases lipogenesis. Lipogenesis is the metabolic formation of fat. This is why replenishing your DHEA levels can be an effective tool in fighting obesity.

DHEA is a natural hormone, so you do not need to be afraid of using it. Your body makes it in copious amounts when under the age of 40. That's why it's called the "Hormone of Youth," since levels decline as we age. This is due to increase of stress & toxins, and due to the natural depletion of hormones in menopause & andropause. Because these levels steadily decline after age 40, our DHEA levels will be 75-80% lower by the time we reach 70. Therefore, hormone supplementation is the way to go in order to bring our bodies back to a balance.

What does DHEA do?

DHEA does the following:

  1. Stimulates fat burning: by activating enzymes involved with fat oxidation, DHEA will promote the body to burn more fat

  2. Reduces fat storage: because DHEA activates these enzymes that slow the creation of fat, there will be less fat to store in the first place; more fat is burned, and less is created & stored

  3. Affects insulin: DHEA significantly promotes normal insulin production, bringing your insulin levels to a balance

  4. Targets belly fat: studies show that in just 3 months, DHEA can lead to smaller waist circumference, improved blood pressure, decreased blood glucose, and a reduction in a woman's total metabolic syndrome score

Other benefits of DHEA include decreasing LDL cholesterol (the "bad" cholesterol) and increasing HSL (the "good" cholesterol). To remember the difference, I came up with this trick: HSL is the "happy" cholesterol; H is for happy! DHEA can also decrease triglyceride levels. So, not only does it promote healthy cholesterol, you also lose weight. Finally, DHEA protects memory, reduces depression, and is excellent for energy levels.

Back to the weight, there are many studies promoting the benefits of DHEA. Write me an email if you wish to receive more information on DHEA. I have been taking it since the 80's, and I have not gained more than 2-3 pounds in that time. 2-3 pounds is pretty easy to lose compared to the 20 or more pounds that can cause you to feel depressed or hopeless. Do not give up! Try DHEA.

Women should use between 10-20 mg daily for balanced levels.

Men should use 25-50 mg daily.

No mega-doses are necessary at all, just the normal physiological dose.

Put DHEA in your weight loss tool box!

Love you!



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