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Break the Sugar Addiction

Did you know?  Sugar is making us fat….not carbs, not over-eating, not a sedentary lifestyle.
Obesity has long been pinned on these 3 three, but the much greater villain is simply sugar.
Sugar is basically Pretty Poison. It is addictive, which anyone with a toddler will understand.  It literally changes your brain and endocrinology triggering weight gain, obesity and diabetes.
Almost 50% of Americans now have diabetes or pre-diabetes!
This year the greatest change that you can make is: Stay Off Sugar! YES…all forms of sugar. I will explain them to you.
You will be shocked at how much more energy, joy, and sleep you will gain. PLUS: No more brain fog, less depression & more weight control!
Seriously, cutting down on sugar will change your life….I promise.

As author and minister Charles M. Sheldon said, “Good resolutions are like babies crying in church. They should be carried out immediately!” So….PLEASE do not wait any longer to make this totally wonderful change for your best health.

Go now and take a look at my 6 part Stay Off Sugar blog. It will guide you along the way. Give it just 4 weeks & you will never go back to your previous level of sugar intake. In fact, your body will begin to reject the sweet taste of sugary foods…it will no longer feel pleasant.

If you need a ‘SOS’ Cheerleader, call me! I have helped countless people take this step & everyone has LOST weight & GAINED energy.

I want this to be the year that you achieve your BEST health and keep it on thru your 90's and beyond. You can do it!
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