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Progesterone Interference

Q: Can the use of transdermal natural progesterone interfere with my body’s own production of progesterone, making my body dependent on the supplemental progesterone?

A: This dependence can happen when supplementing with hormones, such as cortisol and thyroid. However, these hormones are released, respectively, from the adrenal glands and the thyroid glands all day every day.

In contrast, progesterone is produced by the ovary in a monthly cycle. If you are premenopausal and use progesterone cream at a point in your cycle before you ovulate, it may signal the brain to suppress ovulation, and thus in that sense it could suppress your body’s own production of progesterone.

However, if you begin using the progesterone cream after you ovulate, it will simply be augmenting whatever your ovary made or did not make.

Since the progesterone levels of women over 45 or menopausal women can be zero or close to it, this is not really an issue for them. If you use the normal physiological dose of progesterone (40 mg per day), you will NOT shut down your body’s own production of Progesterone.

And if you are deficient or estrogen dominant, you are going to feel MUCH better!

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