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Benefits of Probiotics

When you take probiotics, you are increasing the amount of good bacteria that live in your “gut”, the simple medical term for your digestive tract. This creates a very powerful influence on your immune system as well as every other aspect of your overall health and wellness.

The general benefits of probiotics are:

  • Controlled weight

  • Faster metabolism

  • Increased mood and energy levels

  • Clear skin

  • Decreased fluid retention

  • Bowel regularity

For women specifically, probiotics are effective in maintaining vaginal and urinary health. As the organisms travel through your digestive tract, the bacterial strains settle within the vagina and urinary tract. Certain strains of helpful bacteria found in probiotics help provide the ideal vaginal pH so that your system is resistant to unwanted invaders.

A probiotic with good amounts of the right strain can ensure your body stays healthy and well. 1 capsule per day is sufficient.

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