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Adrenals are SO important to keep healthy. Why?

Your Adrenal glands are vital for energy production, fat burning and hormone production, especially after menopause.

Adrenals are the glands of stress and the first glands to fail under stressful conditions.

Adrenal Fatigue occurs when:

Daily stresses add up over time. The adrenals eventually become "exhausted" and stress tolerance declines dramatically. Your body loses its ability to respond to even moderate stress. Think of it as a "leaky boat", you have to "plug the hole" or you will sink! In our grandmother's day, adrenal fatigue was often called a "Nervous Breakdown"


  • Fibromyalgia

  • Chronic fatigue

  • Lack of libido

  • Allergies

  • Feeling overwhelmed

  • Environmental sensitivities

  • Premature menopause

  • Auto immune diseases

  • Rheumatoid arthritis


The first cases were seen in 1898 in France following a severe flu epidemic. And it has been ongoing ever since, reaching almost epidemic proportions. According to Dr. James Wilson, whom I call America’s Adrenal Doctor, "80% of Americans suffer from AF, the other 20% are in denial."

I find that adrenal fatigue is not properly diagnosed or treated. People wander from doctor to doctor looking for help that never comes!

Guess what?

If you have low adrenal function, even treating your hypothyroid will not alleviate all of your symptoms.

Dr. Wilson Says: At the beginning of adrenal fatigue, the disease is difficult to recognize but EASY to treat. At the end, the disease is easy to recognize but DIFFICULT to treat.

He says: "All peri-menopausal & menopausal women should be on adrenal supplements for at least 2-4 months". Prevention is Key!


If you can say: "After (event) I was never the same." It is most probable you have had an adrenal onslaught which has caused A.F.

Adrenal Fatigue Symptoms: Is this you?

  • Wake up tired

  • Lethargy

  • Everything takes more effort, you feel exhausted

  • Irritable most of the time

  • Muscle weakness (due to low cortisol/low testosterone)

  • Episodic energy (not consistent)

  • Crave high fat foods

  • Feel helpless

  • Dry, thin skin

  • Hair loss

  • Weight gain

  • Increased marital discord or relationship or family strife

  • Low libido

  • Crave salt & caffeine

  • Increased allergies

  • Liver spots

  • Hyperventilation: frequent sighing

  • Skin rashes

Adrenal Fatigue Energy Pattern

  • Best sleep is not at night but 7am-9am

  • You feel better after lunch

  • 2-4 pm = low feelings or the Adrenal Fatigue “slump”

  • Around 6 pm you feel the best of the day

Aggravating Factors - These must change or you will not heal!

  • Constant life or work stress

  • Poor dietary habits

  • Unhappy relationships (work/home)

  • Lack of exercise of any type

  • Insufficient enjoyable activities

  • No control over how you spend your time

On Dr. Wilson's adrenal questionnaire, a score above 40 equals some degree adrenal fatigue

Email or call for a copy of the questionnaire! 877-880-0170

What to Do?


You should not feel like this in the morning

Get sleep: bad sleep & bad adrenals go together. The adrenals repair at night

  • Bed by 9-9:30 pm

  • No nightly news, no horror movies, no animals in the bed!

  • Lie down on breaks for 15-30 minutes (at 10 am & between 3-5) if at all possible

  • Alleviate the stressful situation (as best you can)

  • Laugh: Laughter enhances your parapathetic system

  • Chew food really well (30 times per mouthful)

  • Don't get out of bed until you think of something pleasant

  • Eliminate "energy suckers" from your life, including people

  • Increase protein intake: decrease carbs. (Vegans are difficult to heal from A.F.)

  • Eat regular meals. This is VERY helpful. (Email or call for the handout: How To Eat With Adrenal Fatigue 877 880-0170

  • Raise your salt intake. Put salt in water until it tastes good to great, then drink it

  • No fruit in the morning (Email for the handout “How To Eat for Adrenal Fatigue”)

  • Very mild exercise if you can (increases low cortisol, decreases high cortisol)

  • Spend some time with a friend

  • Take a daily "Joy Break"

MAKE A "Good for Me" / "Bad for Me" list:

Make 2 columns. In the next 6 months try to concentrate on the "Good for Me" listings. Slowly eliminate the "Bad for Me"

A.F. Treatment with Supplements

Excellent complete formulas by Dr. James Wilson will help.

For mild-moderate A.F.:

  • Super Adrenal Stress Formula

  • Adrenal C Formula

Separate nutrients:

  • Pregnenelone (precursor to adrenal hormones) 25 mg at night

  • Phosphatidylserine

  • Siberian Ginseng

For Severe A.F.:

Use these with the other supplements.

Adrenal Rebuilder - (By Dr. Wilson) contains glandular extracts which will replenish adrenals. 6 capsules daily for several months. Severe cases: take for 1 year.

Other Helpful Nutrients:

  • Melatonin - 3-6 mg at night

  • GABA - 200 mg or more (increases alpha brain waves)

  • Calming herbal teas: passion flower & lemon balm

Time Frame to Healing Adrenal Fatigue

Mild 6-9 months

Moderate 12-18 months

Severe 12-24 months

If you do not wish to purchase a complete formula, here are the separate healing nutrients.

  • Niacin - 125-150 mg/day

  • B6 - 150 mg/day

  • Vitamin C - 2000-5000 mg/day

  • Vitamin E - 800 IU/day

  • Calcium - 400 mg in the morning

  • Magnesium - 800 mg in the evening

  • Licorice (unless you have high blood pressure) It elevates cortisol levels and keeps receptor sites active

LAB TESTS for Cortisol levels

Blood - not a great way to test for Adrenal Fatigue

Best are urine & saliva

You can order your own tests from ZRT laboratories and have the results sent directly to you.

Email/call me and I’ll be happy to go over the report with you.

Beloveds, this is now an epidemic. Let's stop it now for you and your family!

I have a college aged son on a regimen of good adrenal support for the past two years. He definitely notices the difference. My husband and I do not miss a day of our adrenal support. It's too important! You can feel GREAT again! –Barbara Hoffman

Don' forget to email or call for the ADRENAL FATIGUE QUESTIONNAIRE:

(877) 880-0170

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