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Natural Help For Fibromyalgia

Natural Help For Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is a condition which affects muscles and soft tissue. Symptoms are chronic muscle pain, fatigue, sleep problems and painful tender points (trigger points) at certain parts of the body. It is believed to affect up to six million Americans, mostly women.

What causes Fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia occurs when the body spends more energy than it can make. The

hypothalamus, a major control center in your brain requires an enormous amount of energy In fibromyalgia it begins to malfunction. This is bad because it regulates sleep, hormones, body temperature, blood flow and blood pressure. With inadequate energy, your muscles get stuck in a shortened position, causing the muscle pain you experience. Don’t blame yourself! Environmental Toxins are believed to be the cause!

Low thyroid also seems to play a part.

An Action Plan for Treating Fibromyalgia

My Specialists advise addressing 5 key points.

• Sleep

• Hormones

• Immune Support

• Nutritional support

• Neurotransmitters.

#1 Restful Sleep Improves Hypothalamic Function.

You need to get eight hours of sleep OR MORE per night to heal hypothalamic dysfunction. This one is crucial folks; we have to get you sleeping. It can make all the difference!

- Melatonin 3mg. will help improve sleep cycles and can decrease tender muscle points and overall pain.

5-HTP will also help.

#2 Treat Hormonal Deficiencies

Hypothalamic dysfunction causes widespread hormonal deficiencies. Progesterone crème is the hormone “balancer” and it is for you.

DHEA 5-25 mg will help support your hypothalamus

If you have low thyroid, take bio-identical thyroid medication adjusted to the dose that makes you feel best

#3 Support Your Immune System


If you have Fibromyalgia, it’s very likely that your immune system is not functioning that way it should. Excess sugar is a critical immune suppressant.

Please get off sugar. Need help? I have a 6 part program to ease you off sugar. It is not difficult, I promise.

#4 Nutritional Support Fibromyalgia

• Fibromyalgia sufferers usually have low Vitamin D. Raising your Vitamin D intake will raise nerve growth factor and heal nerves. Take 2000 iu daily.

Zinc is also a great nutrient to support your immune function: 15-25 mg per day.

Magnesium: 150-500 mg per day.

Vitamin C at least 1000 mg per day

#5 Neurotransmitter Help

Keeping neurotransmitters in balance will make an enormous difference in your pain. Studies show you can improve your fatigue, mood and tender points with the following:

• Raise dopamine levels by using L-Tyrosine

• Raise GABA levels Raise serotonin by using 5-HTP

SAM-e 800 mg has been proven to help. You can choose one or the other.

So can I make my pain go away?

Fibromyalgia has now been found to be very responsive to natural treatment! In many cases, symptoms will improve dramatically and often even go away even if you simply get the eight hours of sleep a night. Not sleeping? I can help. Email me!

Other Tips:

• Drink green tea, which will give your body more calmness and energy.

• Eat 5 small meals a day-each meal should include protein.

• Water Therapy – pool exercises and relax your body in a sauna

I have friends who have fibromyalgia and they have improved naturally. In fact, some consider themselves healed. I am on your side!

Please email or call me if you need more help! I care about you!

Barbara Hoffman - 30 years of Naturopathic health studies. Your friend and advocate

Personal Email: 877-880-0170

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