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Sex Drive Solutions

Hi Ladies!

A recent email from one of my international customers: “Barbara, please help me! My husband is no longer receiving my charms”. Oh gosh – what a quaint way to say I have no sex drive. Ladies, this is a VERY common problem for those of you over the age of 45. Here are some of my recently researched SEX DRIVE SOLUTIONS.

Many doctors believe that restoring libido means giving you a prescription for testosterone. BUT, optimal sexual health is created by hormone balance.

A woman’s sex drive is tied to her hormones, as well as her attention! So practicing mindfulness, being present and aware to fully engage the sensual self, is also important! But if you’re a gal who needs a boost, I’m going to tell you about my favorite supplements that will boost your libido.

DHEA: DHEA is the most prevalent androgen that travels through the bloodstream. It converts to testosterone, making it a very powerful natural sex booster. Start with 10 milligrams a day. 10 – 20 mg is the recommended dose for women.

PREGNENOLONE: A steroid hormone made from cholesterol in the adrenal glands, ovaries, testicles, and also the brain! Pregnenolone is the “grandmother of all the adrenal hormones” because the body uses it to convert into DHEA, progesterone, and other steroid hormones. When pregnenolone is converted into DHEA, it has the ability to turn into testosterone, therefore enhancing libido. It has many other hormonal benefits as well.

L-ARGININE: Research has shown that taking L-Arginine increases nitric oxide activity. Nitric oxide has a powerful DILATING effect on blood vessels - it causes them to widen and allow more blood to flow through. This will enhance sexual arousal.

NOTE: You do not need both DHEA and pregnenolone. Choose 1 or you can do what I do…I alternate them every other month. DHEA one month and Pregnenolone the next month!

Email me for my “Help, My Sex Drive Drove Away” hand-out. You can get your “charms” back!


Barbara 877-880-0170

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