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When a woman goes through menopause, her body produces a lower amount of progesterone and estrogen that can affect every organ of the body, including skin. We stop making as much collagen so elasticity drops. The result? Dry skin, sagging skin around the neck, jawline and cheeks, acne, wrinkles, crows feet and dark circles under our eyes. Oh, No! So, what’s a gal to do? “A few simple treatments will help undo these menopause symptoms and make your skin look smoother and younger. I promise!

Here are my best beauty products for the Top 6 Menopausal Skin Complaints:

1) Wrinkles – The hormonal changes of menopause can change our skin dramatically. That is why your hormone cremes are very important. I put mine directly on my face about 4 times per week. I have a video called Hormones For the Face. I will put the link below. What Else? Super C Plus Serum, a serum containing 2 forms of Vitamin C that stimulates collagen for daytime use and Derm-A-Gel, a Vitamin A serum for nighttime use.

Derm-A-Gel & Super C Plus Serum

2) Dark under eye circles: they can start in your 20’s actually and as we age they become more and more prominent. Concealer is not the only way to get rid of dark circles! You want an eye cream with deep hydration to reduce crow’s feet. Look for one with Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin A to brighten and tighten the eye area. This is the one that I use Eye've Got a Secret You don’t have to toss your concealer but you won’t need to use it as much YAY!

Eye've Got a Secret

3) Dry skin. Skin thins out as it ages and oil glands are not as active. resulting in a drier, less supple looking complexion.Dry skin makes wrinkles look more obvious so this step is important. For luminous skin, I like a Glycolic Acid Hyaluronic Acid product because it exfoliates AND moisturizes at the same time. OR you can just use a pure hyaluronic product. Hyaluronic is the Premium moisturizer for us “pausers” It acts like a sponge and increases the moisture content of the skin almost immediately. Your skin will feel like silk. This is my favorite; Advanced Hydration Complex- pharmaceutical strength. By the way, it’s great for men, too!

Advanced Hydration Complex

4) Age Spots and uneven tone: This is a TOP concern for most of you. Pollution and the sun have tried to take their toll and menopausal skin will begin to show dark spots and hyperpigmentation. The Ester C is known for evening out skin tone. For any aggressive spots I use a skin bleaching serum that contains hydroquinone and kojic acid. You put it directly on the spot so a little bottle will last you a LONG time.

5) Sagging Skin: Oh, boy…not the sag! The best defense is prevention, so if you are not sagging yet, don’t let it start. If you already have “gone south” you can reverse it. I developed Lift in A Jar with DMAE to lift, tighten and tone. In just 35 days you can see a difference. Use on neck, jaw line, any lines between nose and lips. Also on forehead creases & around the eyes. I even apply it to my lips as a Lip plumper! I’m vigorously resisting the sag!

Lift in a Jar

6) Hands: Oh, gosh….this is my worse area. The backs of our hands lose moisture, collagen and fat during menopause. So veins look more obvious and skin more wrinkled and skin can look see-through and bony. YUK. My plump friend who is the same age has a lot of fat pad in her hands and they still look great. I’m fighting the scrawny look. I have searched and searched for the best hand crème and I found one that cost $220 for a 2 ounce jar. WHAT? I researched the ingredients and guess what? It was peptides! My Overnite Success night cream has more peptides than the $220 one. You can use it just once daily and it will do its work…twice, morning and night would be better. No more reaching for the tube of hand cream throughout the day!

Overnite Success

Okay, ladies: Here we go! No more feeling resentful because our skin is looking older. Good, and even BETTER skin is possible after 50. Our wisdom and confidence has grown as we age.. Let’s have glowing skin as well!

I disappear into the bathroom and tell my husband, I’m going in for my “Lotions, Potions & Devotions.” Yes, as long as I’m spending time on my skin, I spend time with the Lord. It’s a win-win! Step up YOUR Lotions and Potions. You deserve it!

Here is my YouTube video Link to my video for Hormones for the Face!

Email if you want more information!

Love You!


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