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Glowing Older Skin

Hello, friends!

You all know I am an educator and that is my goal…to help you navigate the hormone maze. But I am also an uber enthusiast about good skin care, also.

I receive so many emails and requests: What do you do to have glowing skin? What do you use daily?

So, I am here to answer your questions. Here is what I do AND I have put all of the products into what I call the “Glowing Older” Skin Care Kit. We can glow into our 90’s and even beyond! These are my daily products:

For Rejuvenation, Uneven Tone & Youthful Glow:

Rejuvenate T.R

10% Glycolic, 1% Salicylic Acid, 2% Vitamin A plus Hyaluronic Acid. A wonderful rejuvenating product. The acids slough off dead skin cells so youthful glow returns. Helps to even out skin tone. Hyaluronic Acid is the best hydrator on the planet. Skin will appear softer, luminous & smoother. Continuous release over 8 hours. I call this my “White Gold” product.

For Wrinkles:

Super C Plus Serum

Use Super C Plus Serum in the morning & night. Super C Plus Serum contains 2 forms of Vitamin C. This works to also decrease/reduce fine lines, wrinkles & crow’s feet and will help increase skin elasticity. Skin becomes firmer as wrinkles fill in. This product will also reduce age spots. I use mine faithfully.

For sagging skin

Lift in A Jar with DMAE

“Lift” works to repair sagging skin on neck, jaw and face. Boosts lip area & smile lines & helps firm jaw, neckline and decollate. DMAE can actually improve muscle tone in your face. Used by plastic surgeons worldwide. Similar products are sold for $130 and up! Watch for results in 3-6 months

For Undereye Dark Circles and Puffiness & Crow’s Feet:

Eye’ve Got a Secret

Our powerful peptide rich formula brightens dark circles, soothes crepiness & sends puffiness packing! 20 years of research went into this formula. This lovely eye cream is a beautiful caramel color from the peptides

For your Night Crème & also for Hands:

OverNite Success Night Creme

6 Super ingredients! Matrixyl to help target fine lines & wrinkles. Argireline to boost collagen levels Hyaluronic Acid to intensely hydrate & improve elasticity. A unique Vitamin C to increase collage, reduce age spots & hyperpigmentation. Vitamin E an antioxidant to repair damaged skin cells. Aloe Extract to hydrate & increase collagen. A GREAT formula for hands also! Compares to a $400 hand crème currently on the market!

Order of Use:


Super C Plus Serum Rejuvenate T.R. Eye’ve Got a Secret Lift on specialized areas OverNite Success, on hands, if desired


Super C Plus Serum Rejuvenate T.R. OverNite Success for face or both face & hands Eye’ve Got A Secret Lift on specialized areas

Okay, now you know what I do to go for the glow. I use the “Glowing Older” Skin Care Kit.

All the products are sold separately if you just want to choose one. Do not be afraid to start small and target YOUR specific skin issue!

Love you lots… Barbara

ALL for ONLY: $156.00 Save 15%

SAVE $31.00

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