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What is progesterone? What is the natural source?

Where does Natural Bio-Identical Progesterone come from? The source is MEXICAN WILD YAM. It is SAFE NOT SYNTHETIC. This yam has Abundant phytohormones in its root- most active: diosgenin. Previously animal glands from sheep used. This was costly and arduous and distasteful to many people.

Mexican Wild Yam

Finally, in the mid 1940’s – researcher Russell Marker became a fanatic about finding a better source to make Progesterone. Guess What? After all of his searching, he discovered a plant source, a non-edible yam- Not like in Grocery store. It’s official title is discorea barbasco. It is found in remote areas of Mexico and contains diosgenin which he found could be converted to Progesterone- the exact molecule that is found in the human body. If you want to learn this whole story, this little book is glorious!

As a result of his research, Progesterone became readily available & affordable for all women. There is no patent protection on this plant progesterone because it is all natural, so it is available over the counter BCPS contain synthetic progestin, not progesterone. They are unnatural to the human body BUT can be patented by pharmaceutical companies and are very profitable. That is why you will often be offered BCPs when all you really need is progesterone.

Caution: You need a product that says it contains Progesterone. There are some wild yam cremes, but wild yam is not capable of being converted to progesterone and you will not get the hormone benefits from Wild Yam. This has been called the Yam Scam when companies say Wild Yam will convert. It will not.

Progesterone is called a “Gift from God” because it is a natural mood balancer, stress reliever & brain calmer It works to prevent cortisol from being a bully in your body. It is also a natural diuretic & antidepressant. When you have adequate Progesterone, it affects all of the “Pauses”

Cardio Pause: decreases Blood Pressure, prevents arrhythmias

Immuno Pause: Prevents BR CA, endometriosis CA “Men Pause” Restores libido

Osteo Pause: increases bone density

Thyro Pause: supports optimal thyroid function

Vasculo Pause: relaxes vessels improves circulation and heart health

Electro Pause: Increases GABA: can prevent seizures/ anxiety

Weight Pause: Increased GABA decreases Appetite

Insomnia Pause: Increases Serotonin: leading to less depression, better mood/ sleep)

WOW! THAT’S A LOT OF PAUSES BEING CORRECTED! Remember, Natural Progesterone NOT Wild Yam extract or diosgenin. Derived from a plant source.

One more thing: Some cremes are soy derived. I am not a fan of these soy based cremes. Soy can be detrimental to the thyroid and also many women are found to be allergic to the soy cremes.

Of course, here are my favorites:

Better Health Naturally ProHELP & Menopause Moisture Creme

Questions? NATURAL PROGESTERONE FOR YOU! is a 32-page booklet available on my website as PDF

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