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Hello, Friends! This is a serious topic. I get daily calls & emails describing your anxiety/panic. It’s epidemic, especially in my ladies. I empathize because I went through it, too…about 8 years ago. I conquered it and I want to help! You can conquer it, too, WITHOUT life-long prescription drugs.

Are you experiencing anxiety every day? Do you wake up suddenly with feelings of panic and fear, even in the night? Does your anxiety grow steadily as the day wears on? Do you anticipate worst-case scenarios, even if you don’t have a real reason to?

Anxiety may start small but it can quickly gain traction & turn into full on Panic Attacks. Let’s stop it NOW. You know the symptoms:

• Increased heart rate or palpitations as adrenaline rises

• Hyperventilating or breathlessness, dry throat

• Sudden anger • Sweating, but you still feel cold

• Trembling or shaking

• A sense of impending doom

• Claustrophobia…you need to escape

• Sights and sounds are heightened

• Digestive system shuts down, causing nausea

• Difficulty concentrating

• Sleeplessness

Panic attacks last between 5-20 minutes each & you can have multiple ones daily. They are physically & mentally draining.

Compare it to a car with an alarm which is supposed to go off with physical contact. But YOUR alarm goes off from a gust of wind. NO FAIR!

The underlying mechanism is this : Your brain’s “gas pedal” gets stuck in high gear because GABA, an important calming neurotransmitter is “out of whack”.

Also high cortisol or cortisol rising and falling at the wrong time will contribute to anxiety/panic. Your fight or flight response is out of sync. Your body is trying to protect you, but it has got things turned around. Don’t hate yourself…let’s fix yourself!

Women are twice as likely as men to have anxiety and it can show up in very specific ways. Some women say they have anxiety all day every day, and that it’s beginning to undermine their ability to function normally. Others have anxiety first thing in the morning or late at night as they’re heading to bed. Some women say their anxiety is linked to their menstrual cycles or they link it to their menopause. That’s because hormones and the brain’s neurotransmitters are closely linked. A lot of you are too anxious to even begin to describe the attacks without bursting into tears.

Once you’ve had an anxiety attack you can become terrified it’s going to happen again. This is known as Panic disorder or being anxious about being anxious. This fear itself can produce physical sensations like sweaty palms, racing heartbeat or rapid breathing. You try to avoid future attacks by avoiding triggers, like public transportation, driving, school, places you cannot leave easily. It’s awful!

A Panic attack cannot kill you. We can kill them!

I’ve had anxiety & here is how I solved it!

I’m going to tell you the specific products that helped me. However, you can look for equivalent products near you. Just try to get the same doses.

It’s 2 easy steps:

Step 1: Reset Brain Chemistry that has gone awry. Increase GABA, the calming neurotransmitter in the brain.

Step 2: Normalize cortisol levels.

Here are your Natural Helpers….from God’s Pharmacy…you do NOT need a lifelong prescription for a synthetic drug.

Zen Mind with GABA daily

Take Nusera or Calm-Pro during an actual episode.

Calm Pro contains L-Theanine 200mg, chewables….3 x day

Nusera contains Casein 150 mg chewable up to 4 x day

Phosphatidylserine to normalize cortisol levels. Just one PS 100 mg per day can restore normal cortisol!

Please call me if you need more help….I got through it with the advice of my Naturopathic doctor friend, Dr. Braverman. You WILL prevail! I promise!

Oh, one more thing…

The pickle cure for stress! People who eat pickled or fermented food, like pickles and sauerkraut, are less likely to suffer from social anxiety. They support the brain to stay normal in socially stressful situations. I always have a jar of pickles in my refrigerator. The crunching combined with the vinegar sends valuable oxygen to your brain.

Thank you, God! Do not GIVE UP. Please email me if you need personal attention at



Here I am not anxious!

I want this for you, too!

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