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Barbara Hoffman's 12 Step Menopause Program

Hello Ladies, menopausal? You can MANAGE menopause with my targeted 12 steps.

Follow Barbara’s 12 Step Menopause Program!

1. No Synthetics! No HRT, anti-anxiety drugs, or antidepressants for your hormone imbalance symptoms. You need hormones and they need to be Bio-Identicals only! If you have been on synthetics, do a 3-month estrogen detox with a supplement called DIM.

2. Recognize that hot flashes are not a disease and are not fatal. Hot Flashes sometimes cannot be totally eliminated naturally. Synthetic hormones can stop hot flashes entirely, but synthetic hormones can kill you. A hot flash never killed anyone! And progesterone can work wonders. Also, phyto-estrogens or bio-identical estrogen. But never take estrogen alone without progesterone.

3. No Crash Dieting! Stop the madness. That pooch you see is not from overeating, but from hormone imbalance and high insulin. Do an estrogen detox with DIM and change a few eating habits. You can eat yourself slender.

4. Nourish your adrenal glands. The 2 adrenal glands are the “work horses” of the body. They are responsible for hormones after the ovaries “retire”. They make DHEA, testosterone,

progesterone and estrogen. HOWEVER, under stress your adrenal glands are so busy making cortisol that the other hormones get neglected, especially progesterone. Take a good adrenal support supplement and be consistent!

5. Do not accept anxiety or depression as your “lot in life”. They often come out of nowhere and you become overwhelmed. Anxiety and depression are symptoms of hormone and or neurotransmitter imbalance: progesterone, GABA, serotonin. There is natural help. Try NATURAL first before turning to synthetic drugs that just mask symptoms and make you reliant for life. Get to the root cause in order to feel great again.

6. Give your liver a lot of love! Your liver processes all of the pollutants and toxins you experience daily. It will help you with hormone balance. If you are over the age of 50, consider milk thistle.

7. Do not let stress and cortisol become a “bully”. Stress robs your body of other important hormones. Phosphatidylserine to the rescue. It can correct either high or low cortisol levels. It will also protect your brain function and memory.

8. Libido! “Rev up your engine” if libido becomes too low, do not think it is “just me”. Hormones control libido. What hormones give, lack of hormones can take away. Progesterone can help… it is the “feel good” hormone in more ways than one. Delight in your spouse through menopause and beyond!

9. Make sleep a priority. Women do not thrive on less than 7 hours of sleep. Sleeping

7-8.5 hours per night keeps cortisol in check and promotes good hormone balance. Sleeping enough helps us eat less and eat healthier. It increases leptin which makes us feel full. Best help: melatonin (the sleep hormone). Progesterone applied to the face and neck at night will also help greatly.

10. Nurture your thyroid! The thyroid gland ages and it’s function can slow down. It is the ‘gas pedal’ of the body and directly effects metabolism. Keep it tuned up! Estrogen dominance causes thyroid dysfunction. Progesterone is best friends with the thyroid and helps keep it healthy. L-Tyrosine and DHEA are also excellent supplements for thyroid support.

11. Do not neglect Hair/Skin Care. Let’s not get crazy, Ladies! Look youthful by keeping hair healthy and shiny. Use good hair products & I love a hair mask as conditioner about 1-2 times per week. Skin: go for the “Glow”. Glycolic Acid, Vitamin A and Vitamin C will do wonders for your skin.

12. TLC to your memory/ cognition. Research shows an older brain can be as sharp as a younger one. Don’t fall for the "I’m older, so of course I’m forgetful”. No, no! Phosphatidylserine 100mg daily can keep your memory strong and youthful. You’ll remember things that you forgot you forgot! I take it daily.

Okay, that is my 12 Step Menopause Program.

I am here to help. Menopause can be a breeze- I promise!




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