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Safe hormone balance?

Hormones, hormones, hormonesthere is always someone warning you to stop

your hormones. “You’d better get off those.” Well ladies if you’re like me and you’re on

bio-identical hormones you can feel safe.

Warnings are about synthetics. Studies confirm that synthetic hormones increase

your risk of breast cancer, heart attack, stroke and blood clots. So women all over

America, you smart ladies, ran into your medicine cabinet and threw those synthetic

hormones away. The more militant ones of you went to the doctor and said ”how can

you have given this to me in the first place… it is causing me harm.”

Out of this came the bio-identical movement where doctors started to prescribe

hormones that did not have the same risk. Yay! I’d prefer they were less expensive and

that bio-identical doctors would accept insurance. Hopefully, we will get there someday.

The upside is that bio-identical estrogen became available and progesterone has

always been available over the counter.

I have been studying hormones for over 30 years now. Not only with U.S. doctors, but

with doctors from all over the world. Here is something to consider when you ask

whether bio-identical hormones are SAFE. In Europe a woman can walk into a

“Pharmacia” and walk out with her hormones. Estrogen was 20 U.S. dollars and

Progesterone was 12 U.S. dollars when I was there 2 years ago. I just walked out

with the hormones in my hand. Why? Because their doctors know bio-identicals are

SAFE and believe women should have access to them. Here in the U.S. we are limited

because doctors are not acknowledging that we know how to manage our own hormone

balance. And of course, doctors have to be in control!

Here at BHN, for many years, I have seen and known that women are either, not able to

afford a doctor, OR are not able to find a doctor who will prescribe bio-identical

hormones. Sometimes they are not educated in bio-identicals and sometimes they are

just used to doing the same thing they have been doing since they graduated from

medical school…which could be 40 years ago!

There is a study that is very comprehensive called “The Compounded Bio-identical

Hormone Immune, Inflammatory and Cardiovascular study.“ The short hand of the

study is, The Choiice Study and the study subjects were young girls to 70 year-old


The researchers found the results of using bio-identicals were: lowered fasting

glucose, lowered elevated blood pressure, lower triglycerides, lower anxiety, lowered

depression, lowered elevated CRP which is the marker for heart attack and lowered risk

of stroke. AND the benefits began at 8 weeks.

So ladies, you can email me for the study. I have consolidated it for you. I am your

advocate. I study hormones every single day bio-identical and synthetic. My mission is

to put bio-identical hormones into your hands.

Here are my best recommendations:

For women seeking hormone balance who are still menstruating or who would prefer

not to use estrogen:

Pro-Help Moisture Treatment Creme

For women who are no longer menstruating or who have had a hysterectomy:

Menopause Moisture Treatment Creme

For women looking for a stronger dose of estrogen and progesterone:

Ostaderm (order over phone)


Hormone balance with SAFE hormones! You deserve it!

Email me if you have questions...




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