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Reverse Memory Loss!

Scattered, unfocused, and forgetful? There is help!..a natural brain boosting formula.

Leading scientists and researchers agree that there is a vital compound, so powerful, it’s reported to repair…even regrow damaged brain cells to bring back your memory power, and leave you feeling more focused and clear headed than you have in years!

What is it? Phosphetidylserine.

Clinical reports show replenishing your body’s natural supply of Phosphetidylserine not only helps sharpen your memory and concentration, but also helps “perk you up” and put you in a better mood.

PS100 also reduces everyday stress and elevates your mood by lowering your body’s production of cortisol. Why? When cortisol levels are too high for too long, you experience weak memory.

When we are in our 20’s our body produces Phosphatidylserine. Unfortunately, PS is a critical essential nutrient that fades away with age, much like our memories do, leading to mental deterioration.

17 different double blind studies with placebo controlled groups have been involved in the clinical research of PS with patients between the ages of 55-80. Periodically, the researchers gave these patients memory and cognitive tests and the results were simply amazing:

1. PS patients outperformed the placebo patients in all 5 tests.

2. After 45 days there was a measurable improvement in mental function in the PS group.

3. After 90 days, there was an IMPRESSIVE and AMAZING improvement in mental function in the PS group.

The participants taking Phosphatidylserine not only enjoyed sharper memory, but listen to this…they were also more upbeat and remarkably happier. So…PS for me AND for you! Listen to this testimonial:

“It’s great! I have actual recall now, which is super. After about 6 weeks of taking it on a daily basis is when I began to notice that I wasn’t forgetting things anymore. Thank you PS for giving me my memory back. It’s given me a lot more self-confidence and self-esteem. I would not trust my memory without it.” - E.H.


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