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Progesterone Enhances Beauty!

Studies show that progesterone improves the health of your skin. 2% progesterone, like our ProHELP and Menopause Moisture Creme, was given to peri-menopausal and menopausal women, and the hormone proved to overall increase the elasticity of the skin. The skin was firmer, more plump, and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles reduced significantly.

Another study showed that progesterone could help slow the natural process of aging. This study says, “proper understanding and supplementation with natural progesterone promises to restore a healthy zestful life” (Lee, 1994).

Hormonal imbalances can also cause skin issues, such as melasma, dark spots, fine lines, wrinkles, and dull/dry skin.

Because of the significant amount of progesterone that pregnant women produce, this hormone is linked to the much desired “pregnancy glow.” With a woman’s body producing roughly 300 mg of progesterone daily in order to support the pregnancy, the growth of the fetus, and the health of the placenta, there are many other benefits for the mother as well. Glowing skin, thick shiny hair, and strong nails are all benefits of that extra progesterone.

Postpartum, women can experience significant hair-loss, acne, mood swings, more anxiety, and even depression. This is due to the stark drop in progesterone after delivery.

A simple 40-80 mg daily can cause notable changes in hair, skin, and nails of any woman. Even if you think your progesterone levels are okay, it is much better to have more rather than less.

Progesterone also affects the brain. Creating a calm yet alert mind will result in lower anxiety, higher confidence, and steadier emotions. How you view yourself and your life impacts how you perceive your own beauty. The better and more joyful you feel, the more beautiful you feel!

Our Pro-HELP Moisture Treatment Creme and Menopause Moisture Creme were purposefully designed to be able to apply as a face creme so your skin can reap the wonderful benefits of bio-identical hormones. Of course, rotation of the application sites is still a crucial part of using the product correctly, but using the creme on your face about 4 times per week is a great way to achieve youthful, plump skin.

Hair Loss and Hirsutism

If you are experiencing hair loss, you can apply our creme directly to the scalp in areas where balding or hair loss are occurring. Doing this 4 times per week in your area rotation can stimulate your hair follicles and wake up your hair growth.

The same would be true for unwanted facial hair growth, but doing the opposite. Applying the creme to your chin, cheeks, and upper lip if you are experiencing masculine hair growth will counter this symptom. Both of these symptoms can often be related to high androgens and low progesterone and estrogen.

The androgenic hormones (the testosterone variants and DHEA) at high levels can cause male-patterned balding and facial hair growth in women. When these areas are met with progesterone and/or estrogen, then it will create an even ratio of hormone levels and your female sex hormones will be higher than the others, as they should be.

It is difficult to feel beautiful when your hormones are imbalanced. When you don’t feel like yourself, your confidence, patience, and enjoyment of life can decline. Your desire to see your loved ones, put on a cute outfit, and do your favorite things can become non-existent. When your hormones are balanced, your zest for life returns and you will LOVE being YOU!

Email me here for more information and with any questions you have!

Remember: You are BEAUTIFUL and BELOVED!

My hand in yours always,



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