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Hormones for the Face

Did you know in Europe women have access to Estrogen and Progesterone in their skin care products? But in the U.S., we don't because the FDA restricts our product ingredients. You can simply put your hormone crème that you are currently using, directly on your face.

Hormones encourage the production of collagen which gives skin its elasticity. Hormones also help with age spots and hydration. Many of you tell me that looking into a mirror after menopause can be depressing because aging seems to accelerate at a horrifying speed.

Well…as hormones decline, wrinkles can seem to get deeper every day, and skin takes on a “crepey” appearance no matter how much moisturizer we slather on. Plump, firm skin becomes a thing of the past and everything skin-wise starts “heading south”.

Not for us! Studies show that hormones can help and prevent skin aging. Our skin deteriorates more rapidly at this time of life because we are making less estrogen and VERY little progesterone. Furthermore, your skin has receptors for both estrogen and progesterone, so it needs them. That is why hormones make skin look youthful!

Studies of women taking hormones showed that they developed fewer wrinkles and had better skin texture and elasticity than those who do NOT use hormones. After just 2 weeks! Women who applied hormone crème to their face reported “plumper” skin and a collagen increase of 48% according to the British Medical Journal…Europe again…

Why doesn’t the U.S. allow hormones in skin care? My theory is that the pharmaceutical industry would rather see us on hormone pills, not over-the-counter cremes.

There is convincing evidence that hormone cremes can help with wrinkling and dark spots. Yes! Those infamous, dreaded dark spots. How? Hormone crème inhibits melanin production to promote normal pigmentation and can also reduce that pesky facial hair. Studies show that using hormones on the face can be effective in 96% of those tested. So…within weeks your skin can be smoother, brighter and plumper.

Ladies, putting hormones into skin cream is not new. Helena Rubinstein did it, Max Factor did it and Revlon did it in the 1950’s. But then the “Authorities” squelched the use of hormones in skin care. I think we should be allowed.

Don’t worry if you do not have estrogen. The phyto-estrogens like those derived from Red Clover can replicate the effect of estrogen on skin cells. The molecules are so similar that your skin thinks it is getting bio-identical estrogen and thus blocks the enzymes that cause collagen depletion. I have been putting progesterone crème on my face for many years. I love it! You can start now. Have some transdermal hormone creme? Go ahead and apply it to your face. Don’t have one? My favorites are ProHELP and the Menopause Moisture Crème with Red Clover.

Let’s keep our skin looking GREAT!

By the way, you will get all the other benefits of your crème for hormone balance because the face as wonderful absorption due to all the capillaries. We can look as good as ladies in Europe!

Email me if you have questions. I am here to help.




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