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In addition to your progesterone crème, of course


DHEA: Enhances energy, mood, libido. Also, helps with weight loss, brain fog and fatigue. Recommended dose: 10-25 mg daily.

MACA:  A wonderful herb that helps with hormone balance, hot flashes, libido, energy and stamina. I like a tincture:  Recommended dose: 30-50 drops, 2 times daily.


Hydration Ovals with Estriol  Treats vaginal dryness, vaginal atrophy, recurring UTIs, incontinence and vaginal tissue repair. Recommended use: One suppository nightly until symptoms resolve, then 1-2 per week as needed.

Estrovera:  Helps significantly reduce severe hot flashes. Active ingredient: Rhubarb Root Extract.  Recommend dose: 1 tablet daily.

PS 100:  Phosphatidyl Serine… For memory, brain function and cognition. Recommended dose: 1 soft gel daily.


Methyl B-12 Great for energy, mood and stress. Recommended dose: 5000 mcg daily.

Super Adrenal Stress Formula: Addresses tired adrenal glands and adrenal fatigue. Recommended dose: 1-3 caplets daily. Formulated by Dr. James Wilson, “America’s Adrenal Fatigue Doctor”.

GABA-Pro:  A fast acting chewable that helps treat anxiety, and with stressful situations provides a calming effect without drowsiness. Suggested use: 1 tablets daily, more if needed.

If you have more questions email me, I am here to help!

Love you!



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