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STRESS in Overdrive?

Are you tired, but WIRED? If so, this is due to stress-overdrive!

Stress is public enemy number one. Excess Cortisol levels can change / take over your entire life and health.

Excess cortisol is the common after-effect of stressful lives with too much activity and not enough down-time.

Over time, excess cortisol causes all manner of symptoms from anxiety, irritability, brain fog, food intolerances, drug addictions, digestive problems, energy crash, headaches, migraines, hormone imbalance, adrenal fatigue, insomnia, advanced aging, autoimmune diseases and even heart attacks. Wow! That’s a lot of symptoms.

What can be done?

Do not allow your cortisol to remain consistently high. The body recognizes high cortisol levels as a toxin. Inordinate amounts of stress will also deplete your other hormones.

How? Cortisol will actually “steal” your progesterone and pregnenolone and use them to make more cortisol! High cortisol affects what we call the HPA axis Hypothalamic-Pituitary – Adrenal axis. It’s like a telephone line between these 3 parties. AND ovarian function is tied to this axis. High cortisol levels block the HPA axis and blocks the hormones that the pituitary makes in order to signal your ovaries to make estrogen and progesterone. So…the ovaries do not get the message. The bottom line, elevated cortisol levels interfere directly with ovarian hormone production.

Some of the Red Flags: worsening PMS, menstrual cramps, increasing hot flashes & night sweats and periods that go AWOL. Also, all of the 35 symptoms of low progesterone BECAUSE cortisol is “stealing” your progesterone. Well, NO thieves welcome here! AND we want our adrenals to be strong and not exhausted from producing cortisol.

High cortisol levels constantly act to create more cortisol. Your cortisol is already high, Then you have a heavy stress situation. Cortisol spikes. The cortisol levels that are high generally stay high after this spiking. They do not usually return to non-spiking normality after they remain high and spiking for an extended period of time. This makes high spiking cortisol levels virtually self-perpetuating. This is one of the main reasons that excess cortisol is such a problem.

The most common causes of high cortisol: Losses…. job, spouse, home, death, financial pressure, constantly driving yourself & trying to be perfect, raising children, unhappy at work, business struggles, major surgery, emotional drama and repetitive stresses day after day. Even watching violent, scary or gory movies. And for some people it is due to repeated bad traffic! Stress, stress, stress! Bottom of Form

When your adrenals are constantly being signaled by your brain to produce stress hormones, they have literally been taken hostage and your health will suffer. Weight gain and fat storage are other negative side effects. Especially fat storage around the mid-section and especially on the back.

Okay, so what to do? You can re-store your cortisol balance naturally.

Here are the Top 4 Natural Supplements that can help you.

1. Rhodiola Rosea - known for its beneficial effects on energy production and reduction of fatigue as it is found to reduce and regulate cortisol levels. One large clinical trial showed that Rhodiola significantly lowered the cortisol response brought on by chronic stress. Researchers found that taking Rhodiola daily reduced stress with no adverse effects. In a controlled study, Rhodiola was found to reduce stress and fatigue in physicians who were on night duty…which is VERY stressful.

It can also minimize depression and anxiety. It is energizing and NOT sedating. It also increases dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine — brain chemicals that have an appreciable impact on mood. 500 mg per day is a good dose.

2. Phosphatidylserine - reduces the effects of both physical and mental stress by keeping cortisol levels normal. It is found to blunt the release of cortisol by suppressing the stimulatory signal sent from the brain. It has been found to reduce high cortisol levels by at least 20%. I love it and take it daily. It is also my choice for brain repair and cognition. In fact, it is the only supplement to receive a qualified stamp of approval from the US Food and Drug Administration for cognitive decline and dementia. Take one PS 100 capsule per day in the morning.

3. Super Adrenal Stress Formula - This unique formula addresses the issue of excess cortisol in the body, ensuring that cortisol levels are brought to normal – and stay there. It contains herbs, vitamins and minerals that are effective & specific for support during stress and for supporting the adrenals. Super Adrenal Stress neutralizes excess spikes of cortisol and helps cortisol return to normal.

It can help your body recover its normal adrenal function in just 2-4 weeks. Especially great for those with high stress jobs, working long hours, not getting enough sleep and have stress related anxiety.

4. Herbal HPA liquid - This little bottle supports the HPA axis to help regulate it so that it can turn off any overactive stress response. It promotes calm balanced energy sound sleep and hormone balance.
Dr. Wilson advocates 3 months of use for every menopausal woman…who are generally in hyperstress mode. I take mine in a little shot of unsweetened cranberry juice...

One more thing…. Prayer or Meditation…both activate the body's relaxation response through the HPA axis which is, as we have discussed, the central stress response system.

All right, NO more “Wiped out” feelings for us. Knowledge is power. We are too smart to suffer needlessly! Do not end up on anti-anxiety drugs which do nothing to heal your depleted adrenals. Also, if you want to take my AF Questionnaire, please email me and I will send it along

I’m on your side!

Email me if you have more question!

Love You!



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