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What Is the Age Of Menopause?

Hello, ladies!

If you’re wondering when menopause might start for you, you are not alone. Many women have asked me this question, especially as they struggle with cycles that stop for 3-6 months and then begin again. You want to know, "Am I menopausal?" First, know that menopause is NORMAL. Do not fret. Menopause officially occurs when you have NO menstrual period for one full calendar year, aka 12 full months. If you are still having the occasional cycle, you are peri-menopausal.

So, when will it happen? The average age that menopause begins is age 51, but some women

will experience it as early as age 40 (called early menopause) and as late as age 58

(called late menopause).

Some factors that may cause EARLY menopause are:

-Autoimmune diseases including thyroid issues

-Chronic fatigue syndrome

-Surgery where your ovaries were removed

-Chemotherapy or pelvic radiation


-Family history of early menopause

There is not a way to exactly predict when it will occur for you, but it generally follows the age

your mother had it. My Mom was 51, and I was 51. It can vary, but this will give you a general idea. If your Mom is no longer with you so you cannot ask her, instead watch for the symptoms that show you that your ovaries are shutting down.

The main peri-menopause symptoms are:

-Mood swings

-Sudden tears

-Trouble sleeping thru the night

-Loss of libido


-Feelings of dread to face the day

-Sudden bouts of bloat




-Hair loss

-Hot flashes

-Night sweats

-Cognitive decline (memory loss)

There are over 35 symptoms. You can take charge.

Both peri-menopause and menopause can be supported with progesterone crème. In fact, women who try to just “power through” peri-menopause can have an awfully difficult menopause. If you are already in menopause, it is not too late to restore yourself to hormone balance. Start with progesterone. If you have

vaginal dryness, estriol or DHEA suppositories can help quickly and efficiently.

So, ladies, menopause is a normal. All the symptoms are manageable. So before you jump in

the freezer to cool off, choose progesterone crème or progesterone/estriol/estradiol crème. I have

either for you.

Write to me if you would like my Menopause Packet. Remember, you are uniquely and

wonderfully made, and your BEST years can be ahead of you. As my mother-in-law said to me when she was in hospice, “Kid, life begins at 70!” LOL!

Love you!

XOXO Barbara


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