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10 Reasons to get off of Synthetic Hormones


1. On July 9, 2002, the National Institutes of Health HALTED a landmark scientific study of synthetic hormone replacement therapy (Premarin and Provera) because they found that synthetic estrogen / progestin therapy resulted in: 41% increased risk of stroke, 29% increased risk of heart attack, 26% increased risk of breast cancer and a doubled rate of blood clots in the legs and lungs when compared to women on no hormone therapy.

2. Premarin is not “natural” to the human body. It is made from pregnant mare’s urine. The generic name for Premarin is conjugated equine estrogen. There are hundreds of different horse estrogen compounds contained in Premarin, which are foreign to the human body. Also, Premarin contains large amounts of Estrone, which can stimulate breast cells. In 1995 the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology published a study stating that long-term AND short-term users of Premarin had a 40% risk of acquiring breast cancer.

3. The 1995 Nurses’ Health Study showed that women taking synthetic estrogen alone had a 36% increased risk of breast cancer; those on synthetic estrogen plus progestin had a 50% increase; those on progestins alone had a 240% increased risk of acquiring breast cancer! Women who, at the time of the study, had been taking estrogen and progestin for 5-10 years had a 45% increased risk. This study is one of the largest done to date. Older age was associated with a higher risk.

4. Feb 13, 2002 - Journal of the American Medical Society - study of HRT in Relation to Breast Cancer. Results showed that longer use of HRT was associated with increased risk of breast cancer. The incidence of breast cancer was increased by 60% to 85% in recent long-term users of HRT.

5. HRT does NOT protect the heart as previously stated. Mainstream medical doctors use the rationale that elevated cancer risks are balanced by the fact that these estrogens protect against heart disease and osteoporosis. In April, 2000, a federal study of 25,000 women indicated that conventional HRT may put women at a higher risk of heart attack and stroke.

6. The estrogen, “estriol” is completely missing from most forms of conventional HRT. Estriol protects the body from the proliferative effects (causing cells to multiply) and is especially protective against breast cancer. To learn more, see Dr. John Lee’s book “What Your Doctor May Not Tell You about Breast Cancer” (ProHELP & Menopause Crème are recommended in this book).

7. Commercially available estrogen patches and gels contain 100% estradiol which is the most potent of all the estrogens. It is bio-identical but lacks estriol, a “weaker” estrogen that can confer protection of breast tissue. Many patches issue the warning: ESTROGENS HAVE BEEN REPORTED TO INCREASE THE RISK OF ENDOMETRIAL CARCINOMA IN POSTMENOPAUSAL WOMEN. So… If you are on Estradiol please, please, please balance it with progesterone to protect your breasts.

8. Synthetic hormone drugs have unwanted and sometimes dangerous side effects because their altered structure results in altered actions on the cells and tissues of the body. Two new studies show SYNTHETIC HORMONE THERAPY IS LINKED TO BRAIN SHRINKAGE. The studies show that commonly prescribed forms of postmenopausal hormone therapy may slightly accelerate the loss of brain tissue in women 65 and older beyond what normally occurs with aging. God’s Pharmacy Man’s Pharmacy

9. A side effect of synthetic hormones is weight gain, especially around the middle, hips and thighs (the classic “pear-shaped” weight gain). The average weight gain in women who were placed on synthetic hormones was between 20-30 pounds, sometimes even more!

10. Studies have demonstrated the benefits of bio-identical estrogen, progesterone and testosterone, including improved bone/joint/ligament health, control of hot flashes and vaginal dryness, cardiovascular benefits, enhancement of brain function (memory, mood), and skin thickness. Over the past 30 years in Europe, millions of women have enjoyed an improved quality of life with bio-identical hormone therapy which promotes hormone balance. Hormone balance cannot be created with altered hormone drugs which are counterfeit to our bodies. THE GOOD NEWS! The Women’s Health Initiative study showed that within 5 years of discontinuing synthetic hormones, a woman’s risk of breast cancer returns to normal.


ESTROGENS: Premarin, Cenestin, Menest, OrthoEst, EstraTab.

PROGESTERONES (called progestins): Provera, Aygestin and DepoProvera and certain birth control pills.

COMBINATIONS: EstraTest, Activella, PremPro, PremPhase, CombiPatch, ClimaraPro, FemHRT, and 110 types of hormonal birth control methods.

TESTOSTERONE: Methyl Testosterone

When correcting hormonal imbalance, it is common sense to use the exact human hormones(s) that are needed. Drug companies make chemically altered synthetic drugs because this allows them to patent their product which yields protected BIG revenue. Altered chemical structure means VERY different actions in the body.

Email me if you have questions OR would like a printed version of this to give to a friend or loved one.



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