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Who Needs it? Well, I just completed my first month and I lost 3 pounds WITHOUT changing my eating habits. Are you packing on the Pounds…right around the middle, like I was?

You are not alone! A recent study said that an estimated 70% of women 50 and older report that they are trying to lose weight. That’s a LOT of us! And the “estrogen weight” can be almost nuclear!

Also, are you feeling “blue” or depressed? Insomnia? Hair Loss? Thyroid imbalance? Headaches? Fibroids? Breast tenderness or other breast issues? PMS? Loss of libido? Increased body fat all over? Bloating? Irritable, Moody?

For the Men: Hair loss, Prostate problems, male breast growth, low libido, weight gain around the middle.

These are all signs of estrogen dominance.

What can you do?

You want to OPTIMIZE estrogen metabolism and DETOX excess estrogen. Do not let estrogen dominance go on year after year & jeopardize your health, especially the health of your breast tissue.

There is a remarkable supplement that can do the trick for you in just 3 months.

First, a quick lesson:

There are 2 estrogen “pathways” thru which estrogen is metabolized.

The 2-hydroxy pathway results in beneficial, or "good," estrogen metabolites.

The bad estrogen metabolism pathway is the 16-hydroxy pathway. Estrogen broken down in this pathway results in metabolites responsible for many of estrogen's undesirable actions, including weight gain.

What is the supplement?

It is called DIM (diindolylmethane, pronounced: dye-in-dollmethane). DIM shifts estrogen metabolism to the 2-hydroxy pathway, resulting in healthier estrogen metabolites and restored hormonal balance. DIM acts like a "traffic cop," guiding used estrogen down the 2-hydroxy pathway and promoting healthy estrogen metabolism in men and women. DIM increases the body’s natural ability to burn fat! DIM is a phytochemical naturally found in small amounts in cruciferous vegetables such as cabbage, cauliflower, and broccoli, but you’d have to eat a couple of heads of broccoli to get the same dose as an easy-to-swallow nutritional supplement.

How does it work?

DIM promotes the effective metabolism of estrogen by helping the body turn estradiol into helpful metabolites. These helpful metabolites can aid the body in releasing stored fat, resisting the formation of tumors, positively affect bone health. My favorite benefit is that DIM promotes weight loss by encouraging healthy levels of the hormones that activate enzymes to stimulate lipolysis—the release of stored fat. No more “Estrogen Belly”.

The causes of poor estrogen metabolism/estrogen:

Stress, Poor liver function, environmental estrogens, the aging processes of perimenopause, menopause, and andropause, Poor dietary choices, High alcohol intake

When you take DIM, the excess estrogen passes thru the stool and out of the body. Gone!

Another thing I love about DIM…It acts to stimulate serotonin production which contributes to our emotional well-being, enhances mood and suppresses appetite by stimulating serotonin production.

What DIM do I like? My favorite is called IndoleGard.

This is a one-month supply and 3 months of use can bring you back to balance.

Also, you know by now, if you are one of my viewers that Progesterone pushes Estrogen to a good mode of storage, not the bad metabolites. So don’t forget your progesterone crème!

Please join me on the quest for healthy estrogen balance. I know you will be pleased!



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