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Side Effects of Synthetic Hormones

Synthetic Hormones are prescribed with regularity for those of you in peri menopause and menopause. Synthetic hormones are composed of chemicals.

Hormones have a pathway that gives your body correct messages. The body does not know what to do with the chemical components. The chemical components “veer off” and settle in vulnerable tissues, especially the breasts and the reproductive organs causing drastic and numerous side effects.

Ask your doctor for bio-identical hormones.

Here are the horrendous side effects of synthetic hormones:

- Bloating, fluid retention - Breast tenderness or swelling - Fibrocystic breasts - Increased breast cancer risk - Endometriosis, uterine fibroids - Swelling in other parts of the body (edema) - Nausea - Leg cramps - Headaches - Indigestion, stomach upset - Vaginal bleeding - Weight gain – up to more than 40-50 pounds - Blood clots - High blood pressure (hypertension) - Cardiovascular diseases - Cancer - Stroke - Heart Disease - Weeping, crying for no real reason - Aggression / Anger - Fatigue - Depression - Irritability - Drowsiness or Insomnia - Low Thyroid - Low Libido - Gallbladder Disease - Anxiety - Hair Loss - Changes in Appetite - Weight Gain - Fluid Retention and Swelling ( Edema) - Acne - Allergic Skin Rashes - Hives - Fever - Cramping - Premenstrual syndrome (PMS-like Symptoms)

Even one of these side effects is too much. If you cannot find a doctor who will give you bio-identical hormones, you can get them over the counter. Email me if you need more help. I believe that synthetics are a “syn”.

Blessings, Barbara Hoffman Better Health Naturally

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Need help with all biological hormones? Email me.

I care about you.

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