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8 Myths About Menopause You Can Stop Believing Right Now

Hello, friends. I have been helping women with their perimenopause and menopausal questions and issues for over 25 years and I can tell you this: No two women are alike and not all women will have the same menopausal experience. Some women have no worries about menopause and expect to “breeze right through it” and others are dreading it... believing they are going to suffer for years.

Here is the truth: Yes, most of you will have symptoms and they can get fierce. BUT there is help and Menopause does not need to scare you. It is a time when you are free of periods, tampons & pads and you can be healthy, happy and zippidy doo dah!

Let’s look at the myths:

Myth #1

Menopause occurs when you are 50 years old. FALSE. Those of you who are still having a cycle after age 50 should not be concerned. The average age of menopause is age 51, but it can occur in your 40’s or in your late 50’s . It is “official” when periods cease for 1 year. The age of menopause seems to be hereditary, so if your mom or grandmother are alive, you could ask them. Otherwise, relax! It will occur at your own time.

Myth #2

Menopause does not take long, it just “happens” FALSE. It can take quite a bit of time for menopause to happen. In fact, years. During this time, called Perimenopause, periods become irregular and can be heavy/light, long or short. Sometimes cramping will occur when you never had cramps before. Your hormones are fluctuating and progesterone is almost non-existent at this time, so you can easily become estrogen dominant. Symptoms: hot flashes, night sweats, irritability, fatigue and memory loss. And there are 30 other symptoms. Email me if you want to see them all. OR I have a video that you can watch. I will put the link below if you want to watch it. So…. you can go into menopause very gradually. It does not happen overnight.

Myth #3

All women will have hot flashes and all hot flashes are the same. FALSE. We know that 70-75% of you will get hot flashes and night sweats, the rest of you will not. If you do get hot flashes, some are extremely intense and others are just minor “warm” moments. Some of you will be “early” flashers and can have them in perimenopause while some of you are “late” flashers and you will experience them at the end, when you are near the time of your last period. The rest of you will have none. So, do not compare yourself with your friend, neighbor or relative. Your experience will be unique. Email me for my hot flash information or watch my Hot Flash vidoe, if you want help with them.

Myth #4

The only symptom in menopause will be Hot Flashes. FALSE. Oh, gosh, NO! You may have insomnia, mood changes, fatigue, vaginal dryness, bloating, breast tenderness, joint pain, memory loss, mood swings and many more. . If you already had these symptoms, they may get worse. There are LOTS of symptoms of menopause. So do not despair and think you are “going crazy”

Myth #5

I have to take what my doctor gives me because otherwise I will not survive this. FALSE. No, ladies…beware of synthetic hormones and beware of any oral estrogens. Both of these can cause heart attack and stroke. Look for bio-identical hormones which mimic those which your body normally produces. Many are available over the counter. There are also some herbal supports, but I would start with progesterone at the beginning of symptoms.

Myth #6

Your sex drive is now dead. FALSE. Okay, yes, you may experience a shift in libido as your hormones decline, but addressing mood and energy can be the answer. Also, progesterone to the rescue. Remember you are now low in progesterone and progesterone is the hormone that comes in mid-cycle so that we feel very receptive to “our guy”. If you enjoyed having sex before menopause, you can continue to enjoy it. The only drawback can be vaginal dryness which occurs with the drop in estrogen. Estrogen and/or DHEA suppositories can fix this problem. I have 2 great choices for you if you email me:

Myth #7

Weight Gain is inevitable. FALSE. The menopausal weight is almost always due to estrogen dominance. The result is that you get fat storage in the belly area. Progesterone is KEY to balancing estrogen. DHEA has also been proven to help with increased abdominal fat… the infamous “Belly Fat.” When you notice the weight gain, do not wait. It will only get worse. I have seen women gain 20 pounds in 2 months…and up to 40 pounds overall. If you have weight gain in the hips and thighs, this is due to insulin fat storage. You would benefit from a Sugar Detox. I have a 6 step Sugar Detox that will take you gradually through the process, painlessly. Email me and I will send it to you.

Myth #8

Menopause is awful. FALSE. As I mentioned previously, this statement isn’t true. Though some women experience a myriad of symptoms,they are all treatable. You can coast through menopause happily and easily. Don’t suffer! No woman was designed to suffer. Menopause is natural and just a transition. Bio-identical hormones are available over the counter and will help you have a healthy, even joyful menopause. :-)

Okay, ladies…onward we go. I conquered my symptoms naturally and you can too. Menopause simply means the “pause” of menstruation. It does not have to be “MEAN” pause” or MEN pause” ( if you are married.) It’s a new day!

I’m here to help. Email me. I promise to answer!

Love, Barbara

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