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Beat the Bloat

Bloated? There’s Help!

We all have experienced the symptoms of bloating: feeling tight, swollen, "pants-won't-fit", and just those feelings of the extra pound "blahs". Yet while these symptoms produce discomfort, they are also easily treatable. Here are a few simple ways to combat bloating: NATURALLY:

1) Greek Yogurt: Contains more healthy fats and almost twice the amount of protein as regular yogurt. This dynamic duo induces your body tissue to release trapped fluids. According to UCLA researchers, a cup of Greek yogurt a day can help shed up to 4 pounds of "false fat" (excess fluid) per week. Greek yogurt also contains digestion-friendly probiotics bacteria which decrease the production of gas (another symptom of bloating).

2) Cucumbers: Munching on this cool, refreshing, crisp vegetable can eliminate bloating in as little as 3 days. Cucumbers are rich in silicon and sulfur (both diuretic minerals), thus boosting kidney function to increase urine output. Trapped liquids be gone!

3) Iced Tea: Iced tea combines water, caffeine and polyphenols signal the hypothalamus in the brain to REDUCE the production of vasopressin. Vasopressin is considered the "bloat hormone". Who needs that?

This product is great for Beating the Bloat! Rodex Forte

It is a natural diuretic (B6 causes the excess fluid to be sloughed off by the feels that are hanging on to an undue amount of water.)

Don't Settle for Bloat!

Love You!


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