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Hormone Study Update

HORMONE STUDY UPDATE! Okay, friends....the "jig is up" for synthetic hormones. The WHI study in 2002 showed that synthetic progestin/estrogen was responsible for increased risk of breast cancer, heart attack, stroke and blood clots. Women all over the U.S. were appalled and went off their synthetics.

I have been speaking out about synthetics for many years. I was thrilled that this information came to light because I knew the synthetics were responsible for women's severe illnesses and even death. Finally, the truth was exposed. But, wait...Next, drug companies and some physicians said that the results of the study were "skewed" and that a woman could use the synthetics without worry. They posted statistics showing the WHI study was erroneous. But wait, GUESS WHAT? An INDEPENDENT review of the entire data from the WHI study shows that the first pronouncements were correct. Using synthetic hormones is detrimental to a woman's health and she should only use them as a LAST RESORT. But what is "last resort" about hot flashes? You can use progesterone creme, Vitamin E, Flash Pause Creme and they will not harm you! I am SO happy that the curtain has been pulled back on synthetic HRT and women in-the-know finally hear the truth.

Do you want to educate someone about the dangers of synthetics and the benefits of progesterone? Email or write for my pamphlet Natural Progesterone for You and/or the hand-out Top 10 Reasons to Get Off Synthetic Hormones. Help is as close as the nearest Health Food Store or online at Please tell a friend or family member...NO SYNTHETIC HORMONES FOR US AND OUR LOVED ONES.

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