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Sluggish Gland Quiz

You may have slow thyroid if…

  • You’re sensitive to the cold

  • You have frequent blue moods

  • You have persistent fatigue

  • You’ve gained more than 15-20 pounds in the past two years

  • You store water weight easily

  • You have a low libido

  • You have weak, brittle nails and chronic dry skin

  • You have thinning hair, particularly on your outer eyebrows

  • You are often forgetful or scattered

You may have burned-out adrenals if…

  • You have hard belly fat

  • You frequently feel overwhelmed and run down

  • You experience extreme salt cravings

  • You feel more awake and alert after 6pm than you do during the day

  • You have dark circles under your eyes

  • You have trouble sleeping or wake up frequently in the middle of the night

  • You suffer from frequent colds and flu

  • You have blood pressure fluctuations that leave you dizzy one moment and anxious the next

You may have a sluggish liver if…

  • You are more than 25 pounds overweight

  • You suffer from indigestion and bloat, especially after eating fatty foods

  • You have skin discolorations around your neck, knuckles, elbows, or knees

  • You bruise easily

  • You have problems with memory or concentration

  • You often feel light-headed, dizzy, or weak

  • You suffer daytime sleepiness


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