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Using Natural Progesterone to Prevent Breast Cancer

Much confusion reigns in the relationship of hormones to breast cancer. Most experienced clinicians understand that estrogen is a promoter of breast cancer, and they also understand that progesterone opposes the undesirable side effects of estrogen.

Unfortunately, conventional medicine has somehow ignored the cancer protective effects of natural progesterone in treating breast cancer, despite many studies that offer solid evidence.

As far back as 1966 a study treated menopausal women, (11 percent of them had a strong family history of breast cancer) with both estrogen and progesterone for 14 years. Not one of the patients developed breast cancer.

When breast cancer researcher Dr. David Zava studied the estrogen and progesterone levels in breast tissue specimens taken from women who had undergone surgery for breast cancer, he found that almost universally they revealed estrogen dominance and a deficiency in progesterone.

What is the Mechanism? How does Progesterone Protect Against Breast Cancer?

It involves the concept of “Cell death”. The cells of the body are constantly being replaced with newly made cells. This requires that normal cells live only for a specified period of time, and then die as new cells come along to replace them. The death of the cells is called “Apoptosis”

It is well understood by cancer specialists that if the apoptosis of older cells is delayed, it increases their risk of becoming cancer cells. Progesterone speeds apoptosis and destroys early cancer cells.

Progesterone also reduces blood vessel permeability, and thus helps protect against cancer cell metastasis. (spreading of cancer)

Studies also showed that women with breast cancer who have surgery at a time in their menstrual cycle when progesterone levels are high have a LOWER recurrence rate than women who have surgery when estrogen levels are high and/or progesterone levels are low.

Natural progesterone protects your breasts

Yes, Progesterone crème can be applied to the breast area.

A study at Johns Hopkins showed that the incidence of breast cancer was 5.4 times greater in women with low progesterone than in women who had good progesterone levels.

Progesterone Protects at the Gene Level

Listen to this: In studies by Dr. K. J. Chang, samples of tumors were examined from women who were taking progesterone. Even though the tumors were described as malignant, the majority of the cells in the tumor were WELL DIFFERENTIATED & QUIESCENT (not replicating) in the women taking progesterone.

Researchers also grew cultures of cancer cells and then treated them with estrogen and progesterone. They found that estrogen alone PROMOTED cancer growth, but when progesterone was added, tumor suppressor genes were stimulated and the cancer growth was stopped. This is known as the Chang Study and it was life-changing for many women.

Is There a “Safe” Estrogen?

This is important: of the three types of human estrogen – Estrone, Estradiol and Estriol – only Estrone and Estradiol follow a metabolic pathway that can create cancer-causing substances. The third estrogen, Estriol, does NOT participate in these metabolic pathways so it is not carcinogenic. Neither are the phytoestrogens, the plant-based estrogens from wild yams and other sources. The risk comes only from Estrone and Estradiol.

So if you are using Estriol, you do not need to be concerned.

What if my tumor is “Progesterone Positive”?

Well, this is an important question. I posed it to a leading oncologist at Hoag Memorial Hospital. He said that the pathway of progesterone metabolism is such that it will actually be protective in your case and that Progesterone is not contraindicated in breast cancer survivors. I asked him, why do doctors say no hormones whatsoever & he replied that it is a very conservative view and thus many post-cancer patients are left to suffer with numerous menopausal and perimenopausal symptoms.

He said that a woman should ask her doctor to do some more research on her particular case. This often spurs them on because, after all, doctors do want to help.

GOOD NEWS: Natural progesterone, in the correct strength to protect the breasts, can be purchased without a doctor’s prescription!

Look for a natural progesterone crème containing 960-1000 mg. of USP Progesterone in a 2 ounce jar. You need USP progesterone, not just “wild yam”. Stay away from cremes that contain any other hormones like DHEA!

It will please you to know that our ProHELP is listed in the back of Dr. Lee’s book, “What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Breast Cancer.” He helped me formulate ProHELP in the year 2000. I have sold many progesterone crèmes over the years and I was telling him that some performed much better than others. To our great blessing, he told me exactly what to put in the crème. I believe it is the best progesterone crème on the market today! Thank you, Dr. Lee

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