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Progesterone and Estrogen for the Face


Really? Yes ladies, in Europe women have access to estrogen and progesterone in their skin care products. That is not happening here. HOWEVER, you can simply put your hormone crème directly on your face! Hormones help the production of collagen which gives the skin its elasticity. They also help with age spots and hydration! During perimenopause and menopause, skin aging is accelerated.

Some of you tell me that looking into a mirror after menopause can be depressing because the slow, gradual aging of your 30s and early 40s suddenly accelerates with horrifying speed.

As your hormones decline, wrinkles appear deeper every day and skin takes on a crepey appearance, despite how much moisturizer is slathered on. Plump, firm skin becomes a thing of the past and everything begins to head south.

Scientists found that skin deteriorates rapidly during and after 'the change' because of the lack of estrogen and progesterone produced by the body during this period. But... drum roll... not for us! They have also discovered that hormones can help aging skin.

Most importantly, it helps promote the production of collagen & thickens the epidermis so deep wrinkles and large pores, signs of aging, are thwarted. Between 61-100% improvement according to the International Journal of Dermatology.

One study of women taking estrogen & progesterone replacements found they developed fewer wrinkles and had better skin texture and elasticity than those who didn't. Another trial found that after just two weeks, women who used hormone crème on their face reported plumper skin. Wow! Just 2 weeks. And collagen can increase by 48% according to the British Med Journal.

Why doesn't the US tell us these things? I have my opinion about that... the pharmaceutical industry would rather see us on hormone pills than over the counter cremes.

In Europe, hormonal skin care is the next big thing. There is convincing data that hormones in the form of creams can help with wrinkling Putting hormones into skin cream isn't new - Helena Rubinstein did it, Max Factor did It and Revlon did in the 50's. But then the authorities cracked down on the use of hormones in skin crème because synthetics were used.

However, now the cremes are bio-identical, not synthetic. And phytoestrogens like those derived from Red Clover are used and they can replicate the effect of estrogen on skin cells. The skin has receptors for estrogen and molecules of phytoestrogen that are so similar to estrogen that aging skin is tricked into thinking it's getting the genuine stuff and blocks enzymes that cause collagen depletion.

Studies also show phytoestrogens can reduce wrinkles and increase hydration.

Progesterone and/or estrogen was found to found to reduce wrinkles by 15.6 per cent after 28 days and was effective in 96 per cent of testers. Within weeks your skin can be smoother, brighter and plumper.

Look at me... I've been putting progesterone crème on my face for many years. You can start NOW!

Dark spots?

Hormone creme seems to inhibit melanin production and can improve facial pigmentation. Some researchers have shown it can even reduce facial hair.

Worried about breast cancer?

The research is reassuring. Many women use topical estrogen gels to treat vaginal dryness, and studies have found no link with breast cancer, even with previous diagnoses.

Most doctors I know say these new skin creams don't pose a risk. It seems unlikely sufficient hormones could be absorbed through topical application to the face to affect breast cells.

Have some estrogen? Go ahead and apply it to your face. No estrogen? use your progesterone.

Let's keep our skin looking GREAT! Hormones are key.

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