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Does Progesterone Give you Energy or Make you Tired?

At the proper dose, progesterone will ENERGIZE you! Progesterone is thermogenic; tells the body to burn fat for energy. How great is that? Progesterone also boosts thyroid function which affects metabolism positively. Progesterone cream definitely helps energy.

But some women may experience some mild side effects at the start of treatment.

Here’s why: as you introduce progesterone back into your body after a period of deficiency, estrogen receptors to respond by becoming more active. This is a sign that the body is responding well to the progesterone, but it can lead to symptoms of estrogen dominance like slight dizziness, breast tenderness and feelings of warmth. These side effects should disappear quickly.


If you use too much, you might feel drowsy because progesterone is known to soothe brain receptors to induce a feeling of calm. This is great if you have anxiety, but taking too high a dose can cause sluggishness. Some doctors love to give high doses, because then you need a prescription, but you won’t get your energy effect. You can use an over-the-counter crème at 40-80 mg per day and you will feel GREAT.


Finally, I recommend taking a break from progesterone cream for a few days each month to keep progesterone receptors from becoming desensitized to the hormone (which would require you to use more for the same result). For PMS & peri-menopause, use the cream from day 12 to day 26 of your cycle then stop. Menopausal women can start any time and use the cream for 25 days followed by a 5-day break before beginning again.

Go Metabolism! Go Thermogenesis! Energy for US!

BTW: Constantly tired? Take a look at my Adrenal Fatigue video. I want you to feel as good as I do because you’re my friends!

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