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Thyroid Update

Hello, Friends!

On my YouTube Channel (Hope For Your Hormones), I have several videos on thyroid health. My most recent one tells you what has been found to work best to help rejuvenate your precious thyroid gland. The following supplements & hormones work to either ACTIVATE or SUPPORT thyroid function.

  1. L-Tyrosine – activates AND supports Best dose: 1000 mg daily

  2. Progesterone cream – support Best dose: 40 mg per day

  3. Detox estrogen- more support Best supplement for this is DIM

  4. Melatonin - activator! Best dose 1-3 mg per night. You can go higher if you wish

  5. Iodine – if you are hypothyroid, iodine is a great choice. Best dose: 6-50 mg daily

As always, I urge you to ask your doctor about bio-identical thyroid medications if you need to be on them. Levothyroxine which is sold as Synthroid is T4.

T4 is supposed to convert to T3. T3 gives you your energy since it is in charge of metabolism. But millions of women are what we call “non-converters” which means they never end up with T3. So they never feel better!

ALSO…Synthroid can have a side effect of “Prolonged or excessive hair loss”! Oh, No. Please try to talk your doctor into Armor, Westhroid or Naturthroid!

Ok. A couple of other tips:

  1. You can rejuvenate your thyroid with spinach. That perky little green leaf!Spinach and other green produce (including avocados and kiwis!) nourish your thyroid with carotenoids, plant compounds that help heal damaged tissues, erasing stubborn thyroid-related symptoms like brain fog and fatigue. Eat one cup daily, and you should feel more energized and focused within a month. Tip: sprinkle your greens with a pinch of iodized salt. Then you will also get iodine…the mineral that the thyroid requires to produce essential hormones.

  2. Tea. Sipping five cups of black, green, oolong, or white tea daily, rich with phytonutrients, can reduce inflammation within the gland, slowing thyroid aging as much as 42%.

OK, don’t forget to watch my thyroid videos OR email me for my written thyroid information.

Here is the link to the video:

I have lots of ways to help you AND I WANT to help you!



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