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Makeup Tips

Hello, Ladies! Lots of you ask for my makeup secrets to look Youthful….well, I do have a little bag of tricks / tips. Here you go!

The most radiant, beautiful skin has a subtle sheen so stay away from anything matte, full coverage, or heavy. I use only Tinted Moisturizer. If that is not enough coverage for you, then go ahead and mix it with a little foundation….but choose a natural finish, light coverage type. Don’t look old, dull and have makeup annunciating your wrinkles. Wrinkles are a sign of our journey, but let’s not accentuate them!

Concealer: It will help you look well-rested and will brighten your look. Cancel out redness by tapping a few dots of your concealer under the eyes and even on top of your lids. Be Gentle! You want to show off your natural skin texture as much as possible. I apply mine with a fluffy little brush, using dabbing motions. I love the New Healthy Skin Duo Concealer. Put the light shade on first to correct. Follow with the darker shade to “conceal”.

The Glow: To make your face look like it’s glowing from within, dab a cream blush across the apples of your cheeks, then blend it along your cheekbones. I like to tap the excess from my fingers into the cease on my upper lid for a TOTAL glow!

Cream: Eyeshadows are great. They’re finger-paint fun to apply, easy to wear, when they stay, they stay. And, so youthful!

Powder: While the moist consistency of cream shadow seems to be a better choice, don’t rule out silky powders in your favorite shades. Make sure they are silky, not matte.

Eyes: Red eyes destroy a luminous look, but toxins in the environment or dry eyes can cause unpleasant redness. Keep a bottle of eye drops handy. Squeeze a few drops in each eye BEFORE applying makeup, to avoid makeup running. The clearer your eyes look, the brighter the rest of your face appears.

More Glow: Lightly spritz your face with a botanical facial mist. Hydrated skin looks really youthful. I love New Healthy Skin Purifying Facial Mist with Lavender, Aloe, and Rosemary. Do this whenever you want a beautiful moist look or if you makeup is looking dry or creasy.

Oily? If you absolutely must take away some shine, stick with colorless pressed powder, which will diffuse the light without altering color. Apply with a big fluffy brush and blend!

Okay, ladies….nothing complicated. Looking glowy and youthful is easy and, I think its fun! No “old lady” look for us!

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