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HIRSUTISM: Female Body Hair

Do you have coarse black hair on your abdomen or down your belly from the naval to the pubis? Or also on your lower back? Chest? Face or chin, including the dreaded mustache? You are not alone. 15% of women have this condition called hirsutism. That’s a lot of women and you need and want help. We are here for you.

Hirsutism Overview:

Hirsutism is caused by the presence of abnormally high levels of androgen (male sex hormones) in your system. This condition can be successfully treated, and the level of androgen in your system safely and effectively lowered. Once treated, this condition will most likely not recur.

What are the other symptoms besides excessive hairiness?

Irregularity of the menstrual cycle

Excessive acne

The onset of male pattern baldness

Genetic or Hormonal?

Some ethnic backgrounds are prone to body hair and this is a genetic condition. Women of Indian, Pakistani, Middle East, some Italian women may have a natural propensity for more body hair. I find that for these women, either waxing or laser works well. Laser is expensive, so you may choose to just wax. A good wax lasts about 6 weeks, so you would have to do it 8-9 times per year, but you can do it at home inexpensively if you choose hair removal

For the rest of you, your condition is related to hormone imbalance.

In hirsutism, female hormones are low and androgens are elevated…or they are out of balance with each other. You need to increase estrogen and progesterone and decrease DHEA. No Testosterone for you. No Human Growth Hormone either! Stay away from those two supplements as they can make your condition worse.

What can you do hormonally?

Use Estriol and Progesterone daily.

Perimenopause: Estriol (Ostaderm) Day 1-25, Progesterone (Pro HELP) Day 1-26,

Menopausal: Estriol & Progesterone (Ostaderm) Day 1-25.

This will reduce the production and effects of ovarian androgen and restore estrogen/androgen balance.

If you have ovarian cysts, endometriosis or PCOS you are prone to excessive body hair. These are issues of hormone imbalance. 75% of all cases of hirsutism are due to PCOS. By the way, I have videos on all of the these topics on my channel:

Please call to order - Not available online 877-880-0170

Herbal remedies:

An important study showed that patients who drank at least 2 cups a day of spearmint tea had a significant reduction of free testosterone and increase in estradiol. This impact on hormone levels can help to alleviate and even treat hirsutism. Here is the recipe for making spearmint tea.

Spearmint Tea Recipe:

One heaping teaspoonful of spearmint steeped in 1 cup of boiling water for 5-10 minutes. In some of the women, results were seen in just 5 days! You can purchase pre-bagged spearmint tea, but I would go for the actual herb. It is sometimes simply called Mint in the grocery store.

Licorice and Red Clover:

Studies show that licorice helps to decrease total testosterone due to its phyto-estrogenic properties. Red clover will also do this for you.

Green tea:

Also has anti androgen properties and is said to restrict the 5-alpha reductase conversion of normal testosterone into DHT, a more powerful form of testosterone that can lead to acne, excess hair growth and baldness - Hirsutism!

What about food?

A simple diet change can help you. Cut down on the amount of red meat that you eat, and ESPECIALLY sugar! I haven’t eaten sugar in many years. You can do it too!

Also, eliminate all the “white” foods…you know what they are. Refined foods increase hirsutism in women because processed carbohydrates and sugars cause a spike in insulin levels which has direct impact on the production of male hormones in our bodies. Abstention from these foods can help your symptoms disappear.

Stay Away From the Whites!


OK ladies, there you go. If you would like to have your hormones checked, you can either visit an endocrinologist or test your own hormones with an at-home kit that is sent directly to your door and you will get back a wonderful full report. The cost is about $200.

Email me if you would like the resource.

No doctor visit necessary.

Remember, hormones are the most important part of our body, our cellular structure and our being. If they are out of balance you will have symptoms. Don’t let excessive body & facial hair be YOUR symptom.

As always, I care about you!



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