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Honey, I Have a Headache

Hello, Ladies! Ok, we have all been there. Maybe we don’t say we have a headache, but we all have other suble methods to avoiding sex. Why bother, right? You are not alone & should not feel guilty.

Research indicates that sexual dysfunction is more common in women almost 50% than it is in men (31%). However, it can’t be ruled out that the numbers could be higher, as this is a topic that many are embarrassed to discuss. This is treatable. Let’s talk!

Here is a typical email: ” my husband and I have been together for almost 20 years. Each year that passes I fall more in love with him. he is a wonderful person who treats me very well. I could go on and on about how caring and considerate he is. However, when it comes to being intimate I'm just not interested. I want to feel excited about being intimate again. Any advice? Signed, Extinguished Sparks

Is this you? Do you have Inhibited sexual desire? Hormonal changes can cause a loss of interest in sex due to a drop in progesterone which I consider the “sexy hormone”, fatigue, even mild depression and yes, due to suppressed feelings of joy, the boredom of just “doing it”. Progesterone drops drastically in perimenopause and menopause. Progesterone is the hormone that comes in “mid cycle” and makes a woman feel great and my friend Dr. Lee said it “makes the man across the room look a little better!” Estrogen also drops which is another contributing factor. If you have had a hysterectomy, “surgical menopause” has occurred, no matter what your age, so many younger women are losing their sex drives as well.

Vaginal dryness is also a big issue as I know from your many emails saying “HELP” Vaginal dryness in women indicates a need for some estrogen. Vaginal estriol suppositories work very well to restore elasticity and moisture to the vaginal walls. I have a great resource for those if you email me.

Natural Help

Okay, what is the natural remedy besides hormones to help restore your libido and enjoyment. It is called Tribulus Terrestis, men have known about it for years and it has very positive benefits for women as well. Studies show that Tribulus can positively affect your sexual desires. Studies have shown that it improves sexual desire, arousal and satisfaction (yes, the “O”) in almost 90% of women in just 4 weeks. I know we are in a time of instant gratification, but 4 weeks is a pretty short time to get your sex drive back! Dose: Women 750 mg 2x day for 1 month, than once per day. Men 750 mg twice daily

Tribulus Terrestis

1. Energy Enhancer

Research suggests that Tribulus may provide a greater sense of energy by increasing the amount of oxygen available to cells, providing a boost in stamina. Restore your youthful vigor. Women and men report that their muscles look more fit and firm WITHOUT exercise. Now, that’s a benefit!

2. Mood Support

Tribulus is an herb that may positively affect mood, stress, and anxiety.This can be helpful for women who juggle multiple responsibilities or have PMS

3. Urinary Tract Protection

A natural diuretic, Tribulus can encourage urine flow, which helps with cleansing the kidneys, bladder, liver, and urethra and removing toxins or bacteria.

Have you supplemented with Tribulus? What results did you experience? Please hear this comment.

Message: Hello Barbara ... My libido was nonexistent for some time. I was neglecting my husband’s sexual needs, and my own. When I started taking your products....a switch went on. We've enjoyed more intimacy in a few weeks, than we had in 12 years of marriage. . I?m 65 and started feeling like an 18 yr old !! And my husband loved it, did I .

By the way, this lady was also taking DHEA and using progesterone crème.

So, there is natural help! If your sex drive “drove away” you can make a U-turn and get back to your old self!

Love, Barbara

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