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DHEA For Women After Menopause

Q. Could DHEA help me with my peri and menopause symptoms?

DHEA levels spiral downhill quickly after the age of 40. DHEA is known as the Fountain of Youth Hormone and it has earned its name! DHEA is really popular among women in perimenopause and menopause and I think it should be. I am post menopause and I use DHEA and I love it.

However I do not think it should be a SUBSTITUTE for Progesterone or Estrogen. These will give you the balance you need.

Here are the other wonderful benefits of DHEA and why I use it after years of studying hormones:

  • DHEA is a potent weapon in the Battle of the Bulge because it helps you lose visceral and subcutaneous fat. Women using DHEA have lost an average of over 10% of their visceral fat.

  • DHEA is found to increase your body’s ability to burn off excess fat and transform your food into energy.

  • DHEA increases muscle mass because it helps raise our testosterone levels.Therefore DHEA increases libido.

  • DHEA enhances mood and relieves depression.It also has anti-dementia effects…so our memory and recall stay strong.

  • DHEA improves energy….my favorite benefit…who doesn’t need that? It also increases bone density to either prevent or reduce osteoporosis.

  • Thyroid or adrenal issues? DHEA is great. DHEA optimizes production of the thyroid hormone & supports the adrenal glands to help them do their important tasks

Now.. Back to your question about using it for menopause symptoms I would always start with progesterone to keep you balanced but YES I love DHEA.

Dose: keep your dose to the normal physiologic dose of about 10-20 mg per day. I use 10 mg one day and 20 mg the next. It is also a good idea to take a break. I use it for 2 months and then take about 2 weeks off.

Note, there are many DHEA products on the market sold as 50 mg dosages and I strongly discourage anyone from taking these massive amounts. More is not MORE with hormones. You want to stay balanced.

My best advice: Combine your DHEA use with progesterone or estrogen/ progesterone.

In closing, here is one of many testimonials:

“After 3 days of using DHEA I felt as though my body had been jump started. I had a positive energy shift and I no longer needed an afternoon nap to get through the day”

DHEA is bio-identical and very safe to use at the normal physiologic dose of 10-20 mg for a woman.

If you want my pamphlet on the benefits, just email me. You know where to find me:

There is LOTS of help for we “Menopausals”. Onward we go!

Love You.

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