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While you cannot rid your body of cellulite, you can reduce the dimpled appearance. Do not feel alone. Nearly all women have cellulite. 90% of us and it happens at all ages, even teenagers.

What is it? Cellulite is a cosmetic, localized skin condition that causes a dimpled appearance on the surface of the skin. The bumpy cottage cheese texture is a combination of expanding fat cells that bunch up underneath the skin and fibrous bands that run perpendicular to the surface of the skin. Fat cells create the bulges while the fibrous bands cause the puckering.

Help, Barbara, what can I do? I’ve gone on a quest for you all and there are some things you can do / try. But cellulite is stubborn and difficult to treat.

Here are my top 8 research tips:

1. Estrogen Detox: Estrogen can contribute to cellulite by adding fat. Excess fat accumulation can be triggered by estrogen dominance, a common hormonal imbalance in which too much estrogen circulates in the body. So, an estrogen detox can help. You do it for 3 months and can watch for a difference.

2. Revive lymphatic circulation. Mix 8 oz of unsweetened cranberry juice with 56 oz of water and sip throughout the day. Plant compounds in the tonic break down lumpy deposits while fruit acids bid to toxins so they can be eliminated quickly. Smoother legs!

3. Researchers have found that some creams and lotions may have an effect on cellulite. A product that contains 0.3% retinol may also have some effect on cellulite. Some women who've used it say they see a little less cellulite. Retinol can help thicken the skin, which may reduce how much cellulite you see. Retinol is expensive. You could actually purchase a Retin AL serum like New Healthy Skin’s and mix it with a simple body lotion like Eurcerin to make a nice Retinol Crème. Some cremes sold for cellulite contain Caffeine which is thought to break down fats by hydrolysis. In my opinion, you would be better off drinking coffee rather than rubbing it onto your skin, but these cremes are popular and you could try one. OR try one and mix it with the Retin AL. That would be much more powerful. You must use the cremes for a minimum of 4 weeks to see any results and then thereafter for maintenance.

Retin-AL Age Defying Serum

4. DMAE Crème has helped many women with creepy skin combined with cellulite. I have a 2 oz jar of a strong DMAE. Again, you could mix it with a simple body crème to extend the measurement’s

Lift in a Jar

5. Dry Brushing and/or massage: Both promote circulation and lymphatic drainage, which can help reduce inflammation and strengthen your connective tissue—and in turn, minimize the appearance of cellulite. How to use a dry brush on Cellulite: Start your brush massage using a vigorous, circular motion as you move the brush over buttocks, waist, & other areas of cellulite. After the circular motion, Apply fast and short, upward strokes

Dry Brush

6. Some treatments, such as laser therapy, may help but won't fully erase cellulite on your thighs. Also, important — know that results from any remedy or procedure aren't permanent — you'll likely have to repeat the process to continually reduce the appearance of thigh cellulite.

7. Losing weight can reduce the look of cellulite, especially in women who have a lot of weight to lose. In addition to reducing body fat, you should exercise and work on toning the muscles in your problem areas, which can help a bit by creating a firmer surface for the fat to rest on.

8. You ask, why don’t men get cellulite? Well, ladies, they do get it but in men it is commonly found in the abdominal and waist area where it is difficult to notice... AND easy to cover up with swim trunks. I know, I know…it’s not FAIR!

Okay, that’s the scoop on cellulite. I have it, most “movie stars” have it and even the young ladies in my office have it. It is basically a fact of life. So, let’s do the best we can and stop dreaming about a cellulite-less body. Some of us are just covering it up better. It’s normal and does not mean there is something “wrong” with your beautiful body.

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Love You!


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