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Aging Facial Skin?

Did you know? A woman’s face ages much faster than a man’s – with wrinkles and sagging ramping up post-menopause.

Yes, it is proven…Women's faces age faster than men's due to Perimenopausal & menopausal hormone changes.

Before the age of 50, they found that women age TWICE as fast as men. But between 50 and 60 this process become THREE times faster.

According to a new study by the University of Vienna, there is a noticeable acceleration of the appearance of wrinkles and sagging around the age of 50 - the average age at which menopause starts. Findings: Women’s eyes appear smaller, nose and ears lengthen, and faces become flatter. It is believed that this is due to the loss of sex hormones progesterone and estrogen which impacts on the protein collagen, crucial for giving skin its elasticity.

Listen to this: Approximately 30% of skin collagen is lost in the first five low hormone years! Scientists also believe that bone is re-absorbed, causing cheekbones to become less defined and the chin to shrink. Progesterone and estrogen stop bone reabsorption.

If nothing is done to balance hormones, this rapid skin aging is inevitable.

Sonja Windhager, who led the research, said: ‘Men and women age similarly up to the age of 50. "It’s a linear progression. But at the age of 50, for women, it goes really fast. It doesn’t speed up at 50 for men."

If you are Menopausal or Perimenopausal, I have a fantastic Bio-Identical Estrogen and Progesterone crème called Menopause Moisture Crème and ProHELP. I formulated these cremes with Dr. John Lee to help hormones stay BALANCED! We want to help you STOP your face from aging and keep your skin looking YOUNGER and GLOWING!

ProHELP & Menopause Moisture Cremes

Ladies, take charge! Stop the aging skin process. Hormones are key!

Let me know if you need help. I’ve been studying hormones for 30 years, I use bio-identical progesterone and I avoided the rapid aging process. You can also EMAIL ME if you need more help!



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