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Hello, ladies!

Age spots, Dark spots, Melasma…. Uneven skin tone…What’s a girl to do?

Is summer lingering in all the wrong places…. on your face?!

I have researched this issue for many years. Here is what I have learned and personally researched and used myself. Some are costly and some are basic. So, it depends on how aggressive you wish to be.

What causes it? Melasma is caused in part by excess estrogen, which stimulates the melanocytes. These make melanin, the pigmentation in all skin types Contraceptives can also cause it, and it's often a sign of adrenal stress too. It does occur in both sexes, but far more frequently in women, which again points to estrogen. Progesterone can help resolve the problem, as it suppresses the excess estrogen and it takes the strain off the adrenals. Stress drops progesterone levels, thereby allowing estrogen to dominate. So…use your progesterone crème!

Re: Cosmetic therapies: You can get some success, but the laser and light therapies need to be repeated, sometimes 4 -5 times per hear. ALSO, some women experience post therapy hyperpigmentation due to thermal damage. Topical agents should be your mainstay. There are 2 groups: pigment disruptors and turnover accelerators. I like a combination of both.

OK, let’s talk products: You can start with simple ones or choose more aggressive ones.

The 3 best simple products are Ester C, Retin-AL Serum or Glycolic Acid.

1. Ester C - helps facial skin overall to become more even toned

"C" U Later Wrinkles Serum

2. Glycolic Acid - I like a 10% strength. It helps brighten dark spots and exfoliate excess pigment to replace it with fresh, brighter cells. It also helps skin appear firmer, smoother & more youthful. Watch for the “You don’t look your age” compliments.

Glycolic Acid 10%

  1. You can also consider the NHS Retin-AL Serum as an everyday strongman.

Retin-AL Serum

  1. To be more aggressive for overall hyperpigmentation, I love Exfol-A. A Vitamin A serum which also contains glycolic. You just spread a little bit across your entire face. It is a very potent brightener. This one you use every other day at first. Over the entire area of the face. You can work up to daily use.

Vivant Exfol-A Serum

  1. For very stubborn pigmentation issues, you want a heavyweight contender… A Bleaching Serum. I love serums for women over 40 because of their superior absorption. This one is used only on the spots. These can be expensive, but a little goes a LONG way. Here is my personal favorite Vivant Bleaching Serum. This little bottle contains Vitamin A, 2% hydroquinone and kojic acid. It will not dry your face as it contains Aloe. This advanced brightening serum targets more severe hyperpigmentation, age spots, melasma and blotchy skin on the face and chest. One of these little bottles lasts me 3 ½ months because I only apply it directly to spots. You can see results within 2 weeks in an overall lightening of your complexion. Skin might appear darker before getting lighter this can be the serum’s working pattern.

Vivant Bleaching Serum

  1. If you have darker skin such as Caribbean or African American, or if you have skin that is too sensitive for glycolic acid. you want to use this one Also, if you have very sensitive skin: MANDELIC Acid. You do not want to get any white blotching, so this is the one for you The Mandelic molecule is larger, penetrates more slowly and causes less irrigation. It also offers superior, gentle exfoliation which helps pull excess pigment to the service and out of the skin. Mandelic Acid is the best Alpha Hydroxy acid for darker skin tones. Also, if you have acne prone skin or sensitive skin, this is a great one for you. You apply Mandelic acid over the entire face, not just spots.

Vivant Mandelic Acid Serum

How long to use your Dark Spot product before applying any other skin care or moisturizer? Ideally, 10 minutes. But go easy on moisturizers when attacking dark spots, especially at first. The aim is to promote cl turnover and adding moisturizer can block the action.

Okay Ladies some of these products are expensive, but the results can be magical.

AND, do NOT neglect your sunscreen. I use a tinted moisturizer with SPF, so I never forget because I am basically putting on a little foundation and getting the SPF all in one fell swoop. No sense spending money to erase spots and then getting new ones!

Write me for my Dark Spot Kit packet. I conquered mine and YOU can conquer YOURS!

If you need more help EMAIL ME!

Love You!

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