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Hormone, Brain & Weight Connection

Today’s topic: Weight!

I have been studying weight loss for many years now. Did you know?...There is a connection between your Brain, your Hormones and your Weight? In my book Eat Yourself Slender I tell you how to eat. Today we are going to talk about supplements that can help you.

What is the Hormone brain & weight connection? Do you look at your waist and see a pooch…a muffin top that seemed to come out of nowhere?...unexplained weight… the infamous “spare tire” And every diet you have tried did nothing to budge this weight? What has happened? There are 3 possibilities

  • Estrogen Dominance: Causes you to store almost everything you eat as fat

  • Insulin resistance: Too much sugar & carbs have caused your body to stop reacting properly to release insulin, BECAUSE it does not want to put this sugar in your cells. So now your brain is signaled to make more insulin to try to rectify the situation. NOW this insulin release causes you to have constant hunger BESIDES storing fat.

  • High stress: cortisol receptor sites, in addition to estrogen receptors also exist around the midsection. Stress raises cortisol levels. So now you are on the cortisol merry-go-round and you store more fat.

What to do? You need to BALANCE the connection between your hormones and your brain.

So you ask…What hormones could I need? Here are my 2 hormone recommendations:

Progesterone! Micronized, transdermal crème 40 mg / day

ProHELP Moisture Treatment Creme

DHEA 10-25mg

DHEA 10mg & 25mg

DIETING, will it help? What about diets? If you restrict calories, your body adjusts accordingly & slows metabolism. So, this is not your answer. Plus, you are miserable because you are not eating enough.

No, brain chemistry is KEY. Your Brain needs specific nutrients- if it doesn’t get them, it sends out a hunger signal – that signal is EAT! So, YOU OVEREAT!

SELF TEST: to pinpoint your specific problem.

Is this you? There are 3 categories. You may have more than 1.

1. I Need energy, to keep up with day.

Do you drink lots of coffee or other energizers, but still feel tired or sluggish? You need DOPAMINE.

So, eat more protein- cut out sugar- sugar is the enemy of dopamine. A great supplement to enhance dopamine is L-Tyrosine. L-Tyrosine is also a great thyroid support.A win-win because the thyroid gland is our energizer gland.​


2. I Binge, I overeat, I have no portion control, I feel addicted to food.

When stressed you eat whatever you can get your hands on. Your brain is NOT in a calm state. You need GABA, an amino acid that reduces anxiety, enhances mood, eliminates cravings & food addictions.

Also, drink green tea which contains L-Theonine another relaxing, calming amino acid derivative. Drink 2-4 cups daily for calmness, attention & focus. I suggest that you put it in a thermos & sip all day. Decrease other sources of caffeine. Eat complex carbs & high fiber foods. NO WHITE SUGAR.

My favorite supplement that enhances GABA... Zen Mind. I take it daily!


3. I Often crave salty foods. I am not hungry in the morning, but can eat all afternoon and all night long, I look for high carb snacks, get up at night to snack and have trouble falling asleep at night. You need serotonin, called the “Happiness” neurotransmitter. Supplements that increase serotonin: 5-HTP, Melatonin & DHEA. I think the best one is 5-HTP.


You can also eat food high in tryptophan (Tryptophanis the precursor to serotonin): These are tuna, turkey, pumpkin seeds, almonds, walnuts, & legumes. Use spices in abundance. Spice, spice, spice. I love chili powder and crushed red chilis.I buy mine in 5-pound bags!

Crushed Red Chilis

Summary: What do I need? Remember, there may be more than 1. Energy & metabolism - Dopamine (L-Tyrosine)

Calm & restful brain so no binge eating - GABA

Obsessive/ anxious eating - Serotonin to combat these patterns & help develop portion control.

Need Eating Tips?

For my eating tips, they are all in my book, Eat Yourself Slender available on Amazon or on my website: I also have some written tips that I can freely email you. You only need to ask! Especially for breakfast which is a downfall for many of you.

Eat Yourself Slender:

No more struggling to maintain your weight! I’m on your side!



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