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Hormone Pellet Update!

Hello, friends! I have done a previous video on pellets. I am not a fan because even though they are bio-identical, they are estrogen and testosterone only. No progesterone. Also, once they are implanted, you cannot tweak your dose as you can with a transdermal crème. Furthermore, they are VERY expensive. You have to reinsert them every 6 months. I have not heard from many women who felt great on the pellets or liked coping with the expense.

NOW there is a new report which was presented at the North American Menopause Society annual meeting. Researchers found substantially increased estrogen and testosterone levels associated with pellet therapy. So, their safety is being challenged. In fact, the words “Red Flag” were in the report due to a “significantly higher incidence of side effects” with the pellets. AND that women on the pellets need to be carefully monitored for estrogen and testosterone levels….so, more blood tests, ladies AND more expense. AND, worst of all, no progesterone, the “Feel Good Hormone”. So, you are now estrogen and testosterone dominant. And you are susceptible to male pattern baldness due to the high testosterone. Whew!

In my view, transdermal bio-identical hormone cremes are the way to go. You can easily monitor or tweak your dose. You can get a wonderful crème with bio-identical estrogen and bio-identical progesterone all in one dose (Email me for the flyer) And no significant side effects as with the pellets. Looking for a bio-identical hormone doctor? Call ahead…if you go to a doctor who has been trained in pellet therapy, that is what you will get…the Problematic Pellets!

Let me know if you need more help. Email Me!

I’ve been using my wonderful transdermal hormone crème for over 30 years. No side effects and I feel GREAT. And just between you and me, I don’t test because I am using the normal physiologic dose. Hormone balance made easy!

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