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A Strategy For Fighting the Pandemic Weight Gain

Working from Home? Isolated? Eating Habits have changed for the worst? What can I do in this situation?

Well, friends, we can pile on the pounds faster than you can say “Quarantine 15” OR as my grandmother would say: "Holy, Moly I gained weight my clothes don’t fit…"

Over 50% of us are snacking, more during COVID and report eating more during meals.

I say, first appreciate that you are alive and eating. However, surveys show that women fretted for 21

minutes a day about their weight and men fretted for 18 minutes per day. To some of you, this sounds

awfully low. Fearing weight gain and feeling bad takes you away from what is important to you during

this trying time. Let’s just say that food is giving you comfort. Go with it and love it.

However, to make things easier, try intermittent fasting, where you can eat what you want during the

eating period and then fast. Clear and simple rules like this are sown to be easy to keep.

When monitoring the metabolism of middle aged and older people, it was found that people who ate

intermittently burned more fat and actually felt better.

Make things easier. Try Intermittent Fasting where you can eat what you want for 8-12 hours per day

and then fast. Research shows that simple rules like this can totally liberate you.

Forget the “Oh, gosh, I’ve gained 11 pounds (or more).” You may be scared and say: “I do not do well

when I am hungry,” but it is easier than you think.

Also, if you are overweight and have diet-related diseases, you are 3 times more likely to suffer a

worsened outcome for COVID 19.

Here are Tips you need to know:

“Back-load” eating is when you get a LOT of calories in the hours before bed. This can pack on

the pounds because you do not burn calories when you sleep.

For women, I like a 12 hour fast. Any longer than that can negatively affect your hormones. Men

can go longer, up to 16 hours. 10 hours is a good entry point That would mean having your first

meal of the day at 8 a.m. and your last meal by 6 p.m. Personally, I go to 7:00pm and do just

fine. You can do this!

It is okay to mess up occasionally. Life can be unpredictable. Just try if 5-6 days per week. This

confers all of the benefits of reduced body fat, reduced cholesterol and better glucose levels.

Also, consider Low Carb if you want to eat all day and all night. EYYS Book.

We are all vulnerable to the COVID Virus. Do not fall into the category that doctors and nurses call “Too Fat to Fight”

No! Not us!

Still have questions? Email me!





“I have been intermittent fasting for about 9 month, and it’s made such a difference. Set a

window of ‘eating time’ for the day, and that ends after dinner. I’m a good rule follower, so this

one really works for me! There’s no room to negotiate for little extra afterward, because post

dinner eating is off the table… Literally!”

Watch my intermittent fasting videos:


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