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Anxiety & Depression

Hello, friends!

Are you feeling depressed, anxious, or both?

There is a combination of supplements that may benefit you: 5-HTP coupled with L-Tyrosine.


Combining L-Tyrosine with 5-HTP can restore emotional balance. Adding L-Tyrosine to 5-HTP helps to restore all of the main neurochemicals relating to positive mood.

This combination is gaining popularity as a depression treatment. It’s far gentler than pharmaceutical drugs like Prozac or Lexapro, and recent studies indicate it may even be MORE effective.


The mental energy and personal confidence that this supplement duo delivers is the perfect antidote for social anxiety. These supplements make it easy to interact with other people, and can even help people speak in front of large groups. L-Tyrosine and 5-HTP together also provides a calming & focusing effect for people suffering from ADHD.

Cognitive & Memory Problems?

In addition to the powerful mood lift that these two compounds can deliver, users will also enjoy the added cognitive benefits that L-Tyrosine is famous for. It boosts energy & motivation, improves memory & recall, makes concentration easier, and contributes to “fluid intelligence.” Your synapses will flow freely so you can remember the information that is in your brain's data base.

Is supplementing L-Tyrosine and 5-HTP together safe?

Both of these natural supplements are well-tolerated by most people. There are no published contraindications.



Summary: Let’s stick to “God’s Pharmacy!"

Please know that feeling blue sometimes is a normal reaction to life events. We have been taught in our society that we must always be cheerful. This is unrealistic for most people.

Sometimes life deals you a blow; I know...I've had my fair share of blows. But, DON'T take prescription drugs that you do not need. Natural supplements can see you through! I care about you!

Not depressed, but feeling "blah" all the time?

You might need a serotonin boost.

According to researchers, if two or more of these statements are true, the answer for you could be "yes."

1. I’m often tired & sluggish.

2. I have trouble falling asleep &/or staying asleep.

3. I tend to crave sweets &/or carbs.

4. Even after filling meals, I will get the munchies.

5. I often feel stressed, irritable, anxious, or "blah."

I take 100 mg of 5-HTP every night. It truly is the happiness and anti-craving supplement. Give it a try!

I take L-Tyrosine daily also. No depression or anxiety for me! Been there, done that. No more! And I DON’T want it for you, either!

Write to me with any questions you may have about these supplements. I can send you my product information and my anxiety packet.

We were not designed to suffer!

Love you!


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