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Help! My Progesterone Is "Not Working!"

"Dear Barbara,

I am using progesterone and it is not working!"

Ladies, I receive these emails and I want to help you. As you know, I have been using progesterone for over 30 years.

Do not think that progesterone is “not working”. It works behind the scenes immediately.

Benefits of progesterone are:

Balances estrogen dominance

Protects the thyroid gland

Lowers cortisol

Can lower triglycerides

Helps keep glucose levels normal

Improves bone strength

Results in younger, prettier skin

Insulin regulation

Helps regulate blood pressure

Prevents stroke

Nourishes your brain

Some of these benefits are inward, not outward.

Progesterone has been called a “Medical Gift from God”

So…How long does it take for Progesterone crème to “work?”

As I said, Progesterone starts “working” immediately, but for outward symptoms like hot flashes & night sweats, it can take up to 3 months to see your optimal results. I am over 60 and I intend to use my crème until I go home to be with the Lord! The benefits for women over 60 are studied and proven.

Keep those hormones balanced and you will feel GREAT into your 90’s and even beyond!

So, let’s talk more specifically about YOU:

Are you under stress?

Cortisol can do something called the “progesterone steal” whereby it takes some of your wonderful progesterone and uses it to make more cortisol. In this case, you can increase your dose until symptoms subside and then cut back. AND manage your stress….we are all under stress!

Also, you may have overloaded your receptor sites and the body stops using the cremes efficiently. The body senses that it has enough of the hormone, so does not utilize the next dose. The advice is to reduce the dose you are using for a week or so, or it even take a one week break if you don’t have severe symptoms and then resume your normal dose.

HOT FLASHES is the main complaint.

You can increase the dose of crème for a week or so. Sometimes hormones are fluctuating more than other times and symptoms will flare up. I know they are miserable, but stay natural. No one ever died from a hot flash, but some have died from synthetic prescriptions!

I have written information about hot flashes to help you. Sometimes we cannot solve ALL hot flashes in ALL women naturally. But, you do not want to take a dangerous synthetic hormone just for hot flashes.

If hot flashes are severe or you go through a period where they get worse (which can definitely happen during times of stress or during a hot summer), you can increase the dose until you feel comfortable. Then, you can cut back when you have a couple of weeks of comfort.


Hormone balance almost always helps with “sweet sleep.” If you have been using our progesterone crème and still are experiencing sleepless nights, consider adding melatonin.

I love it…it is the sleep hormone, and many of us need it to be augmented. I have a handout on this as well.

Alright, my friends. I urge you to NOT give up on your crème. I want you to have the benefits for your longevity and for going forward as a vibrant, joyful woman.

Remember: slow & steady wins the race. That was me, and that will be you.


Barbara, your Hormone Cheerleader!


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