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Oral Progesterone Pills: What You Need to Know

Conventional doctors treating hormone imbalances tend to be most comfortable using progesterone in pill form. The most common one is called Prometrium. This is because they believe they are delivering a standardized dose AND because doctors are very accustomed to prescribing pills. However, in truth, it’s a highly unreliable way to deliver progesterone.

When progesterone is swallowed, most of it is delivered to the liver, where anywhere from 80 to 90 percent of it is either broken down into metabolites (by-products) and/or eliminated. How much progesterone reaches the tissues depends on individual biochemistry and how hard the liver happens to be working that day. Thus, a doctor will generally prescribe at least 100 mg, of which 10 to 20 mg is actually delivered to your tissues. The rest of it is metabolized, by your liver, which is probably overworked as it is. Sometimes they prescribe 200 mg which taxes the liver even more! Also, oral progesterone makes many women feel bloated, sleepy and constipated.

Benefits of CREMES:

When progesterone is mixed into a properly made progesterone cream, and then rubbed on the skin, virtually ALL of it reaches the tissues… if you rub on 40 mg, you get 40 mg and it goes directly into the tissue & bloodstream. There is no bypass to the liver. Leave the poor liver alone!

What About TROCHES?

What about troches (lozenges)? Progesterone troches are dissolved in the mouth specifically between the cheek and the gum. However, because the mucous membranes of the mouth absorb so efficiently and effectively, this delivery system tends to create a steep rise in progesterone, followed by a steep drop—not the best way to achieve hormone balance.

So… for an efficient, wonderful delivery system, transdermal application is the way to go. AND you can rub transdermal progesterone directly on your face. The skin LOVES progesterone. It makes skin silky soft, builds collagen to help with wrinkles and reduces age spots.

What more could we ask?

Transdermal is my choice!

Please email me or call our office if you have personal questions.

Love and Hugs,



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